Get Your Kid A Cheap (Bargain) CellPhone

Buying a phone for a kid doesn't need to break the bank. Kajeet offers a variety of affordable phones to keep you connected to your kids– and keep your budget intact!

When parents make the decision to purchase a phone for their children, we often hear having so many choices can make the final decision a difficult one. A phone can be a big investment, but always keep in mind that the right decision can help keep your child safe and give you peace of mind.

If you’re ready to make the purchase, here are our recommendations for determining the best phone for your kids:

  1. The age of the child. Younger children may not need all the bells and whistles of a smartphone. Younger children also tend to be harder on their phone and/or lose them more often than an older child.
  2. Where your child use the phone. If your kid is taking the phone to extracurricular events where it could get damaged or lost, a cheaper phone may be the smarter option. Many schools request that devices remain turned off and out of sight during school hours so keep that in mind when determining the phone for your child and the price you’re willing to pay.
  3. Number of children using the phone. In some households, multiple children share a phone due to the perceived cost. Less expensive phone options may allow for each kid to have his/her own phone.
  4. Are you a parent upgrading your own phone? If you plan to upgrade your phone in the future, it may be worth investigating if it can be passed down to your child. This affordable option provides a way to recycle your current mobile device. Check here to see if your device is eligible.
  5. How your child will use the phone. If the phone purchase is only for calls to family, then the ability to text, send emails or access the Internet may not be important, thereby reducing the need for a keyboard or an interactive screen.

Check out the list below for three things to consider when shopping for a low-cost kids cell phone.


Refurbished Phones: Eco-friendly Inexpensive Options

Refurbished devices are a great option for eco-conscious parents who want both an inexpensive phone and one that supports environmental sustainability. Usually not as expensive as brand new models, refurbished phones are perfect for those looking for a great deal on an earth-friendly device.

And parents need not worry about the quality of refurbished phones. While many commonly confuse refurbished smartphones and cell phones with used devices, these are not the same. Refurbished devices are not simply returns from customers who have used a particular phone and no longer want it; these are phones that have been returned, tested for quality, fixed if required and repackaged for sale. Often times, recycled parts are used for any necessary repairs, adding to the eco-friendly nature of these phones. And as these are not brand new phones, they are also a lot less expensive! A refurbished device is an ideal choice when shopping for a less expensive phone for your kid.


Feature Phones: Affordable low-cost options

Phones commonly called feature phones are another alternative for those shopping for an affordable phone for their child. With less functionality and technical capabilities than other mobile devices (particularly smartphones), a feature phone is a low-cost option for parents who want their child to be equipped with a phone, but not one with a high price tag.

While feature models do not have the advanced technology built into many of today’s smartphones, they are still popular options for those who only need and/or want a basic device for calling and texting. As feature phones do not have the same extensive multimedia, Internet and application capabilities, they tend to also be lower cost, a bonus for parents considering a phone for their child. Feature phones are ideal “first-time starter” devices for children.


Bring Your Own Sprint® Device

The most affordable way to give your kid a phone – Bring Your Own Sprint Device to Kajeet. Through our Bring Your Own Sprint Device program, parents can activate select used, inactive phones on our service, the ultimate way to provide a kid with his or her own device without needing to purchase a new one. There’s no cheaper phone available than one you already own.

While not all devices are eligible for activation on Kajeet, thousands of popular models are, with more being added regularly. And it’s easy to see if a device is eligible. Simply enter the requested device information here. Results will be returned immediately and, if your device is a model Kajeet supports, you may activate it right away. Activating a device you already have on hand is the best way for parents to get an inexpensive phone for a kid and responsibly “recycle” the phone.



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