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  1. How do wallets work?
      Here’s how it works: In the friendly, pre-paid world of Kajeet, you only use what you’re able to pay for. So, in order to help you teach your kid responsibility, we give you a Parent Wallet and a Kid Wallet:

      Kid Wallet: If your kid does one of the following...
      1. uses the phone and goes over the amount of minutes or texts from his/her plan
      2. uses other additional features on the phone like picture messenging or Mobile Web
      3. wants to make any one-time purchase, such as wallpaper, ringtones, etc. (only applies to non-Android phones™)
      ...Then these charges are deducted from the Kid Wallet. Think of this wallet as an allowance mechanism: You can let your kid use the phones more as a reward for good grades or for completing chores by upping your refill amount.

      Parent Wallet: Setting this up and keeping money in your Parent Wallet ensures that your kid is always able to reach this trusted group of people in case the Kid Wallet gets too low. Think of your Parent Wallet as a ‘buffer fund’ – you can transfer money to/from your Kid Wallet and Parent Wallet at any time. You can set up the ContactManager in your Parental Controls to use your Parent Wallet to always pay for calls or texts from specific phone numbers (for instance, your own!) if your kid goes over the allotted amount of minutes or texts from his/her plan.
  2. What happens when my wallet starts getting close to empty?
      You'll receive a couple of low-balance alerts as friendly reminders that you need to refill your wallet(s). If you set up an automatic refill, though, you can avoid low-balance alerts entirely.
  3. What if I don't have enough money in my wallet to cover what I want to do?
      You'll receive an error message that lets you know you have a low balance, and that you need to refill your wallet to continue enjoying all Kajeet services.
  4. What if there isn't enough money in my kid's wallet to cover the Kajeet access charge?
      First of all, if you are on a monthly plan, you won’t have to worry about the daily access charge of 32 cents/day. If your kid is not currently not tied to a talk plan, though, his/her wallet pays for this. If the kid wallet doesn't have enough money to pay the access charge, that fee will be charged to the parent wallet to prevent the phone from being entirely disconnected.
  5. Can I set up my Kajeet account to refill my wallet automatically?
      Absolutely! Set up automatic refill over here. You can set it up to replenish your wallet once every month or whenever it reaches a low balance.
  6. Where can I purchase refill cards?
      Unfortunately, we do not carry refill cards. We encourage you, though, to replenish your Kajeet wallets with our online refill options. You can make one-time refills, recurring refills, or gift refills for another Kajeet user by going here.
  7. How do I see my account activity?
      Simply go here to view your account activity and transaction history.
  8. How do I check my account balance?
      Three ways: (1) On the phone, your kid can launch the Kajeet Navigator and click on "My Kajeet" to view the Kid Wallet balance. (2) Log in to your account online and check your account balance (go to your WalletManager to make refills). (3) From your Kajeet phone, text "Bal" to 1225 and you'll receive a text message back that tells you your balance.
  9. Does my balance ever expire?
      No. Unless you stop using your Kajeet phone, your account balance will always be available.
  10. Am I charged for text messages I receive from Kajeet?
      No, we will never charge you for text messages we send to you for account management purposes, for example a message that alerts you to a low wallet balance. And if you've opted in to receive special offers by text messages, we'll never charge you for those, either.
  11. I signed up for a monthly service on the 31st of the month. Since not all months have 31 days, when will my service get renewed every month?
      Our system is set up in such a way that if you sign up for a monthly service on the 28th, 29th, 30th or 31st of any given month, the service will begin on the 1st of the next month.
  12. What if I have a question that's not answered here?
      You can use our contact page or you can call our friendly Customer Care team at 1-866-4Kajeet (1-866-452-5338).


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