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General Service Questions

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  1. Does Kajeet have its own network or do you have a deal with a major carrier?
      We want to provide you with the best service possible, of course, so Kajeet wireless network services are provided on the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network. Under our arrangement with Sprint, you have access to service anywhere on the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network reaching more than 250 million people. Although Sprint provides Kajeet subscribers access to its wireless network and to its wireless services, Kajeet is responsible to Kajeet subscribers for the service, so please call us, not Sprint, with any questions or comments about your phone service that you may have. Sprint is a trademark of Sprint Nextel.
  2. When I add money to my wallet, what can I use it for?
      The choice is entirely yours. Use it to cover 'per usage' rates if you run out of minutes or texts. Or transfer money to your kid so he or she can buy things like wallpaper, games, ringtones and more for his/her phone!
  3. What are the different ways I can add money to my account?
      There are several: You can refill your account online by visiting WalletManager, or give our Customer Care folks a call at 1-866-4Kajeet (1-866-452-5338). You can also set up an automatic refill of your account to a schedule you determine, or you can drop a few hints to family members and friends, who can refill your account as a gift.
  4. Why is there a fee of 32 cents per day? 
      If you are not on a monthly plan with us (remember: they are no long-term contract plans that can be cancelled at any time!), then 32 cents will be deducted from your account each day. Our access charge guarantees you low rates for voice and messaging, and gives you access to the Kajeet Navigator (which allows you to quickly and easily view a whole range of settings from your Kajeet phone) and to Kajeet Parental Controls (which enable you to personalize your Kajeet service to match your specific wants and needs). When you compare Kajeet to all the other cell phone options out there, you'll find that we offer a compelling combination of competitive rates along with a service that's created just for kids (and their parents!).
  5. Do I still have to pay the access charge if I go on vacation to a place where I can't use my Kajeet phone?
      No. Simply call Kajeet Customer Care at 1-866-4Kajeet (1-866-452-5338) and we can suspend your service for a limited period of time.
  6. Do the minutes I don't use one month carry over to the next?
      No, they don’t. But we have a variety of plans and Add-ons that make it easy for you to pick the optimal plan for your kid’s monthly usage, so there’s no need to roll over minutes or texts. Just as you can give your kid a monthly allowance with wallet refills, we can help you out by giving your kid a monthly amount of service!
  7. Are there any times of the day or week, like peak and off-peak times, when my costs for making calls might change?
      Absolutely not. Your low Kajeet rates for talk and text remain low 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There are no hidden higher costs, no extra surcharges for roaming and no activation fees or termination fees. What you see is what you get.
  8. Do I have to pay for 911 calls?
      Never. Emergency 911 calls are always free. Even if your account is inactive, you can still call 911. Even if we reassign your phone number and your account is deactivated, you can still use your phone to call 911.
  9. What happens if my call to 911 is disconnected for any reason?

      Emergency calls to 911 are free and are enabled when you have service connectivity (even if you don't have a balance and even if your account is not in good standing). Of course, like other calls, availability is subject to network availability and usage in your particular area at any given time. (Note: Due to cellular network limitations, in some cases a 911 call made from your Kajeet phone may not be identifiable to emergency personnel or may not be routed to the closest emergency center.)

      Emergency calls from 911 call centers to a Kajeet number are charged at normal airtime rates and treated the same as any other call would be handled. This means, for example, that if your account is not active or if you have too low a balance in your account, calls to 911 can be connected but the 911 call center would not be able to call you back. Also, if calls to the Kajeet number are blocked by TimeManager or ContactManager settings, then calls from a 911 call center would not come through. In these events, you may need to redial 911.

  10. What do I do if my kid uses the Kajeet phone to call a bunch of 900 numbers?
      Kajeet blocks all 1-900 and 1-976 numbers so you never have to worry about costly calls to inappropriate phone services.
  11. Do I have to sign any kind of a long-term contract when I buy my Kajeet phone?
      No. With Kajeet, you don't have to worry about long-term contracts. When you activate your phone, you're agreeing to our terms of service that, in the technical legal sense, constitute a "contract," but you are NOT locked into a long-term contract that's going to cost you hundreds of dollars to cancel as is the case with so many other cell phone companies.
  12. What about activation fees? Are there any when I set up my Kajeet phone?
      No. This is yet another thing that sets Kajeet apart from other cell phone carriers. There are no termination fees either!
  13. How can I tell if there is Kajeet coverage in my area?
      You can check your area's coverage here.
  14. What do I need to know about roaming charges?
      Just that you will never have to pay them. Kajeet wireless network services are provided on the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network, which means you have superb coverage from coast to coast. Roaming onto other carrier networks is not supported and no roaming surcharges will be applied.
  15. Will my kid's phone receive emergency alerts?
      All devices manufactured after June 2011, with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, support the Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) and receive emergency alerts.
  16. Do I have to pay for both sending and receiving text messages?
      Yes, at the low rate of 10 cents per message. Remember, though, we offer monthly bundled voice & text plans, as well as text Add-ons, which make sending and receiving texts cheaper! And of course, you'll never be charged for text messages sent to you from Kajeet for account management purposes (for example, a message that alerts you to a low wallet balance).
  17. Do long-distance calls cost more?
      No. Our low standard airtime rates of 10 cents per minute apply to all incoming and outgoing calls, both local and long distance, within the United States.
  18. Can I make international calls with my Kajeet phone?
      Not directly, but you may be able to use an international calling card. Also, you can receive calls as long as you are in an area covered by the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network.
  19. How do I get started with Kajeet?
      Visit our store here!
  20. What if I have a question that's not answered here?
      You can use our contact page or you can call our friendly Customer Care team at 1-866-4Kajeet (1-866-452-5338).


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