Camera phones rock -- and kajeet camera phones take the fun to a whole new level!

kajeet Picture Messaging lets you send more than photos: You can add text messages and audio clips to your pics! Share your shots with anyone you want by phone or by e-mail!

Of course, we know you have questions about all this, so check out the links on the right side of this page.


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  • How do I send a Picture Message?
    1. kajeet offers a variety of camera phones, and the specific steps for sending a picture are different from phone to phone. So check your user guide for all the details. Generally speaking, though, it works like this:
    2. 1. Take a photo.
    3. 2. Realize it's SUCH a cool shot that you just HAVE to share it with all your friends.
    4. 3. When viewing the photo, go to OPTIONS and click SEND.
    5. 4. Enter information about your friends.
    6. 5. Send the photo and wait for them to tell you how AWESOME it is!
  • What cool things can I do with kajeet Picture Messages?
    1. Let your imagination run wild! But here are a few ideas for starters:
    2. 1. You can attach a text message (at no additional cost!) to your Picture Message.
    3. 2. You can attach a short audio clip (again, at no additional cost!) to your Picture Message.
    4. 3. You can send it to multiple people at one time! (Be careful of the costs involved, though!)
  • How much does it cost to send a kajeet Picture Message?
      It costs 25 cents per picture for each person to whom you're sending. For example, sending one photo to one person? That's 25 cents. Sending one photo to two people? That's 50 cents. Sending two photos to two people? That's one dollar.
  • How much does it cost to view a kajeet Picture Message?
      You'll be charged 25 cents to view or save each photo. (Once the picture message is saved, you can view it as many times as you like without additional charge.) To view a photo, you simply follow the link that's provided in the "Hey, you have a Picture Message!" text message you receive.
  • How do I save a picture I've received in a kajeet Picture Message?
      Once you follow the link that's provided in the text message you receive and view the photo, there should be a "save picture" option. Voila!
  • How long after I receive a kajeet Picture Message will I be able to view it?
      Pictures can be viewed or saved for 60 days after the first time it's sent.
  • Can I send and receive pictures to and from non-kajeet mobile camera phones?
      Yes! A kajeet mobile camera phone can send a picture message to camera phone users with the following carriers: Sprint, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Alltel/Midwest, Qwest (USA), Embarq (USA), C-Beyond (USA), ConexOne (USA), Excel (USA), Hawaai Tel (USA), PhoneCo (USA), Platinum Tel (USA), Telco Group/STI Mobile (USA), TotalCall (USA), Working Assets (USA), WDT (USA), Dobson (USA), Helio (USA). You can also send pictures to other non-kajeet mobile camera phones by using the recipient's mobile e-mail address. If you send messages that are not supported by the system, or messages to addresses that are not accurate or functional, the message may cross our network and you will be charged, but the picture may not get to its destination.
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