Low talk rates are just the beginning...How about these great voice features:Call Waiting, Caller ID, 411 / Directory Assistance & Voicemail

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  • How do I set up (and check) voicemail on my kajeet phone?
      It's easy!

      To set up voicemail, simply press and hold the "1" key, then follow the directions that the voicemail system gives you.

      To check voicemail, simply press and hold the "1" key to dial your voicemail mailbox. Enter your password and you're in!
  • Cell phone etiquette
      You're incredibly excited about your shiny new phone number on your shiny new kajeet phone. But what about those around you? Here's how to keep them happy, too:

    1. 1. Don't yell into your kajeet phone. Especially at the movies. Especially during the movie.
    2. 2. It's generally considered impolite to play a game on your cell phone and yell "Woo hoo! High score!" while your teacher is speaking to your class.
    3. 3. If you have a runny nose and a fever, don't sneeze juicily into your phone then immediately lend it to your friend.
    4. 4. Seriously, though: If you have a kajeet camera phone, don't take anyone's photo without asking their permission first.
    5. 5. And when someone asks where you got your kajeet phone, simply direct them to kajeet.com -- after all, what could be more polite than giving proper directions?
  • A few fun facts about cell phones
    1. 1. The first cell phone call was made April 3, 1973, by Motorola vice presidents Marty Cooper and John Mitchell in New York.
    2. 2. The first commercial portable cell phone was introduced on March 13, 1984, by Motorola.
    3. 3. By the end of 2005, there were about 2 billion wireless phone users worldwide.
    4. 4. In 2005, wireless customers used 1.5 trillion (yes, trillion!) minutes of airtime.
    5. 5. Some say that the invention of cell phones was inspired by the communicator devices seen in the original Star Trek television series.
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