Kajeet Smart Blocker™ for Android™ Smartphones

Decide how much cellular data web access you give your kid for surfing.

The brand new Kajeet Smart Blocker™ allows parents to choose from 5 different filtering levels, helpfully organized by school grade.

Use Kajeet Smart Blocker™ to choose between the following groups: Strict Filtering, K - 5th Grade, Middle School, High School, and College and Above. And if you are not using the Kajeet Smart Blocker™, you still have the option to turn All Traffic Off, or to allow Open Internet (surf at your own risk!)

*Smart Blocker™ only applies to cellular data access and will not function when device is connected by Wi-Fi. To learn about ways to control web access over Wi-Fi, click here."

Mobile Web On Non-Android™ Cell Phones

Mobile Web Access Levels

Let your kid surf from the phone with kajeet Mobile Web! You can decide how much access you want to give your kid by turning on/off each level of access.

Use FeatureManager to choose whether to allow Free Sites, Fun Sites, and Social Sites, or you can turn on Open Internet access if you'd like.

Sites denoted as "mobile-friendly" have mobile versions that consume less data on average than standard sites.



When your kid views these sites, we will not deduct from your Mobile Web Add-on balance or apply the standard usage charge to the Wallet. These include:

Educational Dictionary (mobile-friendly)
Educational Thesaurus (mobile-friendly)
Entertainment Kajeet 
News Weather (mobile-friendly)
Utility Google Maps (mobile-friendly)



These are trustworthy sites that we think are useful, fun and educational. These include:

Educational Animal Planet (mobile-friendly)
Educational Funbrain 
Educational HowStuffWorks (mobile-friendly)
Educational National Geographic (mobile-friendly)
Educational Spacecamp 
Entertainment AllyKatzz 
Entertainment American Girl 
Entertainment CNET (mobile-friendly)
Entertainment Discovery (mobile-friendly)
Entertainment Discovery Girls 
Entertainment Disney (mobile-friendly)
Entertainment eLibs 
Entertainment ELLE Girl (mobile-friendly)
Entertainment Fandango (mobile-friendly)
Entertainment Fanlala  
Entertainment Funology (mobile-friendly)
Entertainment Kidscom 
Entertainment Lego 
Entertainment Nabisco World 
Entertainment Nickelodeon (mobile-friendly)
Entertainment Paw Island 
Entertainment Teen Vogue 
Entertainment Time Magazine for Kids 
Entertainment Urbanspoon (mobile-friendly)
News BBC News  (mobile-friendly)
News CNN (mobile-friendly)
News New York Times (mobile-friendly)
News Time (mobile-friendly)
News USA Today (mobile-friendly)
Search Answers.com (mobile-friendly)
Search Ask.com Kids 
Sports ESPN (mobile-friendly)
Sports MLB.com (mobile-friendly)
Sports NBA.com (mobile-friendly)
Sports NFL.com (mobile-friendly)
Sports NHL.com (mobile-friendly)
Sports Sports Illustrated (mobile-friendly)
Utility Yellow Pages (mobile-friendly)
Utility Yelp (mobile-friendly)



These are sites that help your kid stay connected! They include:

Email Gmail (mobile-friendly)
Instant Messaging Ebuddy (mobile-friendly)
Sharing Flickr 
Sharing Tumblr 
Social Networking Classmates.com 
Social Networking Digg (mobile-friendly)
Social Networking Evernote (mobile-friendly)
Social Networking Facebook (mobile-friendly)
Social Networking Friendster 
Social Networking Myspace (mobile-friendly)
Social Networking MyYearbook 
Social Networking Reddit (mobile-friendly)
Social Networking Twitter (mobile-friendly)
Social Networking What's What 



Let your kid surf the entire web! (Kajeet will not be held responsible for your kid's online activity)

Mobile Web Add-ons!

Save money on web usage by selecting one of the following Add-ons:

50 MB for just $4.99
200 MB for just $14.99
1 GB for just $24.99

Kajeet customers: Go here to add a Mobile Web Add-on to their service plans today!

Each MB of mobile web usage lets you view about 3 standard web pages or 50 mobile-friendly pages. Go here for Mobile Web usage/overage rates.

Have A Suggestion?

If you know a kid-friendly website that is currently not part of one of our limited access levels, please let us know by filling out the form below with your site suggestion!

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