Daniel Neal
Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Although it was 1996 when I began thinking about how cell phones, kids and families best mix, it was my entry into fatherhood two years later that set me on the path to founding kajeet. Mobile services are about communication, safety, access, interaction, entertainment, education and commerce, roughly in that order. I believe services offered by kajeet will evolve along that line.

Building new things is a common thread that's run through my career. I've consciously sought to "climb the value chain," which is a fancy way of saying I've always wanted to super-serve customers directly. Conventional business wisdom has it that one should strive to "own the customer." I've always felt more comfortable when the customer owns me.

In my life before kajeet, I served as CEO, vice chairman and director of VCampus Corporation, a pioneering provider of e-learning applications and services for students, businesspeople and government workers.

Before VCampus, I was with the team at USinternetworking, Inc., a very cool technology service company where we, yes, pioneered the delivery of software as a service. At USi, I conceived of, launched, and led the AppHost (TM) business unit, which today generates more than half of the company's revenues. I also helped USi partner with leading e-commerce companies and integrate - soup to nuts - other service companies we acquired.

Prior to joining USi, I was director of national partnering for Global One Communications, LLC, an international joint venture of Sprint, Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom. And, once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, I also served as a senior staff member with the National Performance Review of the office of the Vice President of the United States.

I'm what they call a "product of the public schools," and I'm very proud of that fact. I received my B.A. in political science from the University of California, Berkeley, and I hold an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Perhaps the greatest education in my life, though, is what I am learning every day from my daughter, Eleanor, who is 12, and my son, Alexander, who is 15. We love to read and go biking together, and my kids love to play chess on my cell phone.

I have my own ideas about how my daughter should be mobile and connected ... and she, of course, has hers. More importantly, though, is that each parent and child has their own idea about how to responsibly use the freedom and power that cell phones make possible. That's why we've set out to build a mobile service -- an environment, really -- that can help any kid, any parent, any family, achieve their best ideas of connection, communication, safety and enjoyment.

At kajeet, we're building the mobile services we want our own children to have. Eleanor and Alex like that idea. A lot. I'm part of kajeet because I plan to say to my kids, "Yes, your dad helped build that for you."

Now you know who we really work for at kajeet!

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