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Cellular Connectivity and Management

Connectivity for EV Charging Companies and EVSE Manufacturers

End-to-End solutions for EV charging companies, EV charging station manufacturers, and EV supply equipment manufacturers that provide multi-carrier connectivity, enhance security, speed time-to-market, and accelerate growth.

Cost-Effective Cellular Solutions for EV Charging Companies

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturers and EV charging station operators have an incredible market opportunity. Governments are investing large sums to fund the build-out of charging infrastructure to meet growing consumer demand, assuage range-related fears, and meet environmental policy objectives. To capitalize on this opportunity, EVSE manufacturers and operators benefit from secure connectivity, data security, expedited time to market, and flexibility. 

Kajeet’s connectivity solutions for EVSE manufacturers and operators go beyond cellular wireless connectivity. Our Concierge Services (procurement, logistics, network, and configuration management services take tasks off your to-do list, improve operational efficiency, and allow you to focus on your core products.

Benefits of Wireless Connectivity for EV Charging Companies

Learn why wireless is the way to go for EV charging companies and EVSE and EV CPO companies

EV Charging Company Lessons from History and Marketing

What EV charging companies and EVSE and EV CPO companies must do to grab a share of market that’s exploding.

Build and Scale

Concierge Services for EV Charging Companies and EVSEs

In addition to private cellular wireless connectivity for EV charging companies and charging stations, our end-to-end offerings in the EV space are customizable to your specific use cases and needs, reducing operational and technical loads while speeding time to market.

Kajeet Concierge offers a set of services for EV charging companies that include: 

  • Management & Professional Services: Device and data management; network and router configuration management services; customizable alerts and notifications (e.g. router health and off-line notifications)
  • Deployment Services: SIM and Router Installation, remote configuration, and efficient servicing.
  • Procurement and Logistics Services: router and connectivity peripheral procurement; hardware kitting; shipping and handling; forward and reverse logistics.
  • Support Services: Round-the-clock top rated technical service availability 24/7/365 and Tiered 1, 2 and 3 support

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Sentinel: EV Charging Analytics, BI, Device Management, and Cybersecurity

Savvy EV charging companies know that the ability to properly manage their EV charging stations in the field, as well as insights into how those EV charging stations are performing, is essential to the growth and scalability of their operations and their business. Our Sentinel platform powers the growth of EV charging companies with the following features:

  • Secure device-to-device communications / Private VPN tunnel for direct device access
  • Intrusion detection and blocking for platform, charger, and network security
  • Device management and telemetry
  • Actionable alerting with customizable thresholds
  • Business intelligence (BI) reports and integration
  • Interactive dashboards for ease of use


These are just a few of the powerful capabilities that Sentinel brings to EV charging companies – and because we know that every company is different, we work closely with our customers to engineer a solution that meets their needs.

What Our Customers Are Saying


We believe in saving our customers time and money, and Kajeet was able to continually support us by providing secure and reliable connectivity. Working with Kajeet allows us to focus on delivering innovative charging solutions. Altogether, we’re able to deliver more value and create better experiences for our customers.

Son Dang, VP of Hardware & Engineering | Loop


I love the fact that everything is real-time… I can dial in and see what’s out there. It’s just been so much easier to manage in Kajeet’s world.

Derrick Hilmoe, Business Development Manager | zTrip


I like that the Sentinel portal aggregates my data, allowing me to see how much we have been using across all our devices. When we were direct with the carrier, I would have to look up each individual line to get any insights on data usage.

Michael Carter, Senior IT Operations Specialist | Beeline Group

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