Connected Health Solutions

Connectivity for Telehealth and RPM Solution Providers

Help people get the care they need, where they need it with our multi-carrier approach to connectivity for telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) connected health solution providers and connected health device manufacturers

Enabling Connected Health Solutions

Telehealth, remote patient monitoring, IoMT, and other connected healthcare solutions are changing the way the world does healthcare, and Kajeet is at the forefront of this movement by providing multi-carrier wireless connectivity that bridges the digital divide. 

With Kajeet, companies can:

  • Capitalize on the unprecedented demand for connected healthcare solutions and leverage emerging IoT services and capabilities
  • Scale and improve operational efficiencies with capabilities for cost management and productivity
  • Accelerate speed to market with Kajeet Concierge
  • Focus on their core business and let us handle procurement, deployment, and other labor-intensive tasks
  • Deploy healthcare IoT / IoMT initiatives quickly and successfully with a partner that has the expertise and track record of making it happen
  • Select from a wide portfolio of services all under one roof, with only one bill to manage

For connected healthcare solution providers and telehealth / RPM device manufacturers, Kajeet offers highly secure and reliable multi-carrier connectivity for the successful delivery of care anytime, anywhere. It benefits you AND your clients, with stronger caregiver-patient relationships, better patient outcomes, increased staff productivity, and lowered costs for healthcare providers.

Learn How Sano Health Uses Kajeet for Telehealth

Sano Health Telehealth Solutions
Learn how Sano Health used integrated connectivity, data, and management capabilities from Kajeet to enable their healthcare provider customers to bridge the digital divide by providing telehealth services that enable patient care wherever the patients need it.
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Go To Market Quicker and Easier

For Connected Health Solution Manufacturers and Developers

When you’re developing your connected health solution, you need to be quicker and better than your competitors. That’s why Kajeet is making it easier than ever for its customers to quickly and efficiently move from product concept all the way through deployment, while allowing engineers and product designers to focus on the development of applications and solutions.

Our development kit includes the following:

  • Cellular connectivity from the Big Four major carriers
  • SIM cards with 90-day free trial
  • Access to the Kajeet Sentinel platform
  • Consultation with Solutions Engineers & Architects from Kajeet Labs
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Go To Market Quicker and Easier

For Connected Health Solution Manufacturers and Developers

While Kajeet provides optimized connectivity, it also offers a robust IoT management platform (Sentinel®), and Kajeet Concierge services that include procurement and provisioning, configuration, deployment and logistics, managed and professional services and tiered support. Get your connected health solution to market more quickly than your competitors – and outperform them once you’re in the market.

Healthcare Solution Providers and Device Manufacturers

Concierge Services for Healthcare Solution Providers

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Kajeet Concierge offers a set of solutions that enable connected healthcare companies such as RPM service providers, device manufacturers, and telehealth application providers with the capabilities needed to deploy best-in-class healthcare solutions for their clients. Kajeet Concierge enables companies to choose and combine the services they need, when they need it.

Services include:

  • Device sourcing and procurement
  • Reverse logistics
  • Service provisioning and hardware configuration
  • On-boarding and implementation

Kajeet Concierge enables companies to:

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Select from a wide service portfolio – all under one roof, and with one bill to manage
  • Focus on growing your business, while Kajeet takes care of the rest
  • Maximize ROI and operational efficiencies

What Our Customers are Saying

From solution engineering to connectivity to procurement and management across the device lifecycle, find out in their own words how we got our connected health customers to market quickly and easily.


Although we have a very dedicated staff, the support provided by Kajeet has been incredibly helpful to us. Kajeet walked us through every step, which we really appreciate.

Joan Sherif, Director of Libraries | Northwestern Regional Library


We believe in saving our customers time and money, and Kajeet was able to continually support us by providing secure and reliable connectivity. Working with Kajeet allows us to focus on delivering innovative charging solutions. Altogether, we’re able to deliver more value and create better experiences for our customers.

Son Dang, VP of Hardware & Engineering | Loop


Our partnership with Kajeet allows us to provide our customers with fully managed, secure, multi-carrier connectivity for their telehealth solutions.

Evan Grayer, Co-Founder | Sano Health


I can activate or cancel devices at the drop of a hat… there’s no penalty there for me. I don’t have to worry about spending $200 to cancel a line, which means substantial savings for our business and helps us keep our costs competitive.

Derrick Hilmoe, Business Development Manager | zTrip


I like that the Sentinel portal aggregates my data, allowing me to see how much we have been using across all our devices. When we were direct with the carrier, I would have to look up each individual line to get any insights on data usage.

Michael Carter, Senior IT Operations Specialist | Beeline Group

Resources for Connected Health Solution Providers

Kajeet is a leading expert in the telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and connected health solution provider markets. Check out these connected health resources:

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