Bridging the Digital Divide

Managed Connectivity for Education: Connectivity for All Students

Whether in class, at home, or en route, no student should be left behind due to lack of internet access. Our wireless connectivity solutions for education bridge the digital divide to ensure that your students have the access they need, when and where they need it.

Student Internet Access is a Necessity

Internet access in the modern educational paradigm isn’t just a luxury - it’s a necessity. Accessing assignments, getting help with and submitting those assignments, watching lectures, doing research, contacting educators, checking grades, and participating in group assignments are all common tasks. 

Do your students have the connectivity they need? Or are they stranded at the digital divide, unable to fully access or utilize the resources they need for their education? 

From WiFi-enabled Smart Buses to mobile hotspots to wireless laptops and to private wireless networks, Kajeet has a variety of solutions that help bridge the digital divide. Read on to learn more about our solutions for education that help K12 and higher education institutions get students connected whenever and wherever they need it..

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Case Studies: Managed Connectivity for Education

The internet is a powerful tool for learning -- but only if students can access it. Read some of our case studies below to see how Kajeet is helping to bridge the digital divide for library patrons and K12 and higher education students nationwide.

Managed Connectivity Solutions for K12
Learn how Cañon City schools used SmartBus WiFi-enabled school buses and SmartSpot WiFi hotspots to guarantee internet access for the 20% of its students who didn't have connectivity at home.
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Managed Connectivity Solutions for Higher Ed
Learn how Ivy Tech Community College, with 19 Indiana campuses, used 400 SmartSpot WiFi hotspots and the Kajeet Sentinel platform to provide students in need with internet connectivity.
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Keep Your Students Connected

Managed Connectivity Solutions for K12

So much of the modern K12 education paradigm assumes and relies on students having on-demand internet connectivity – leaving those without it to fall behind their peers.

But K-12 students who fall behind academically are at a disadvantage for college and career readiness, widening the digital divide and ultimately causing skills gaps in the workforce. Increasing digital inclusion starts at the K-12 level, where you can make a difference for students without reliable Internet access at home by providing resources to help them succeed.

Kajeet SmartSpot, SmartBus, connectivity-enabled laptops and tablets, and the Sentinel platform that allows you to manage it all can make a real difference in student lives. Contact us to learn more about how we can help bridge the digital divide in your school or district.

  • Kajeet SmartSpot WiFi hotspot
  • LTE-embedded laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets
  • Kajeet SmartBus WiFi for school buses
  • Secure private wireless networks for campuses
  • Sentinel® Platform to manage and monitor student access

Set Your Students Up for Success

For students who live without reliable internet at home, providing internet connectivity does more than just help get homework done. These students also need access to additional learning resources, ELL support tools, dual-enrollment programs, STEM programs, online courses, and virtual mental health services – and managed wireless connectivity for these students provides the access to those resources. Not sure how to connect your students to the tools they need to be successful in school and beyond? Kajeet can help.

Learn more about Kajeet's Student Access solutions for education >

School Libraries: Check Out Connectivity

A connected device lending program is ideal for students that need both a device and connectivity so that they can successfully do homework and study at home. 

We've helped many K12 and higher education institutions implement lending programs. If you have students with device and connectivity needs, please visit our Libraries page for more information.

Managed Connectivity Solutions for Education

WiFi hotspots for students
Kajeet SmartSpot Devices
WiFi hotspots that can be used on-campus or signed out to students. SmartSpots have multi-carrier connectivity, are fully filterable to block selected websites, and ship ready-to-use.
WiFi-Connected School Buses
Kajeet SmartBus®
WiFi-connectivity for school buses that allow monitored, managed student internet access on the way to and from school or any other time that students are on a SmartBus WiFi-enabled bus.
Manage Student Connectivity
Kajeet Sentinel®
Create and manage a secure online environment for all your devices with device management, web filtering, firewalls, advanced malware detection, and filterable per-account and per-user usage reports.
Efficient, secure networking
On-Campus Private Wireless Networks
The ultimate in security and efficiency, with low cost and high ease of use. Frost & Sullivan calls our private network solution “an obvious choice for school districts around the world.”
Built-in WiFi
LTE-embedded Chromebooks

With one portable device, tech teams can ensure students have access to the tools they need to engage with a digital curriculum outside the classroom.

Questions about E-Rate?

Kajeet's connected EdTech solutions, including SmartBus® school bus WiFi, are eligible for E-Rate funding. Questions about E-Rate or Form 470?

Higher Education

Managed Connectivity Solutions for Higher Education

Education - Dorm Room Sentinel on Computer - RC

Just as in K-12 schools, college students who don’t have reliable internet access can quickly fall behind on school work. College and university students often have additional concerns – including costs of living, childcare, and additional responsibilities that K-12 students might not, making it even more challenging to afford reliable Internet. And disparities at the college or university level don’t just affect students while they are pursuing their education –future career prospects for those students can suffer as well.

Kajeet managed connectivity solutions for higher education – SmartSpot hotspots, private wireless networks, and connected devices like laptops and tablets – provide the consistent internet access needed to attend classes and complete assignments, ensuring that all students succeed academically as well as in the future.

What Our Customers Say


Working with Kajeet has been phenomenal… they have been involved and making sure that I have access to everything that I need. From a customer service standpoint, it’s been fantastic.

Mark Barham, Director of Information Technology | City of Williamsburg


It was really a partnership. Kajeet worked with us to understand the goals of the project and what we are trying to accomplish as a locality, and then married it together with the technology and Sentinel to manage it.

Mark Barham, Director of Information Technology | City of Williamsburg


I wish I had a program like Sentinel to manage the other items that I manage on a daily basis. It is a single pane of glass access to every device, helps me understand usage patterns, level-setting expectations for what residents would use this for.

Mark Barham, Director of Information Technology | City of Williamsburg


Although we have a very dedicated staff, the support provided by Kajeet has been incredibly helpful to us. Kajeet walked us through every step, which we really appreciate.

Joan Sherif, Director of Libraries | Northwestern Regional Library

K12 and Higher Ed Connectivity Resources

Kajeet has decades of experience providing connectivity, management, and connected devices to K12 and higher education institutions nationwide. Check out our most recent resources below.

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