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Connectivity for Good

IoT Connectivity. The Sentinel Platform. Concierge Service.

The Kajeet mission is to connect the world for good. To do that, we provide our customers multi-carrier wireless connectivity, data-driven insights, private wireless networks, and management tools -- and we do it with a level of service that provides everything you need.

Connecting the World with Award-Winning Tools

Wireless connectivity is what we do. But our award-winning Sentinel platform, our private wireless networks, our connected devices, and our Kajeet Concierge service is how we do it – and how we optimize it for maximum value for our customers.


Managed IoT Connectivity Products and Services

Connectivity is the foundation of IoT -- but it's hard to drive value in your IoT projects without proper implementation or management. Behind the connectivity, that's what our products and services are all designed to provide you. Click a card to learn more.

Kajeet Sentinel
IoT Connectivity Management Platform

Connect and control multiple networks across all your devices on one platform. Kajeet’s Sentinel platform allows you to increase security and productivity with application, URL, IP, and website blocking on a private network.

Kajeet Concierge
IoT Implementation and Management Services
Kajeet Concierge can support the full breadth of customers’ IoT needs, including go-to-market planning, device sourcing and procurement; service provisioning, hardware configuration and deployment; and ongoing management, maintenance, and technical support.
Ultimate Flexibility and Security
Private Wireless Networks
We create simple, secure, and scalable 5G and LTE private wireless networks to grow with your business, delivering everything needed to easily design, install, and manage your own private wireless network.
Connected Devices
IoT Devices and Hardware
From SmartSpot wifi hotspots to laptops and tablets with embedded connectivity and more, we deliver fully activated, provisioned, and kitted devices, making them easy to roll out to your students, staff, or customers, all easily managed with Sentinel.
IoT Managed Services

Go To Market Quicker and Easier with Kajeet Concierge

Customer Support - RC

Kajeet Concierge leverages our decades of experience in connectivity to accelerate our customers’ IoT initiatives by doing the heavy lifting required to get those IoT implementations in place, allowing our customers to focus on their own core business by leaving the IoT details to us.

Kajeet Concierge meets our customers wherever they are in their IoT process, and supports the full breadth of customers’ IoT needs, including go-to-market planning; device sourcing and procurement; service provisioning, hardware configuration and deployment; and ongoing management, maintenance, and technical support.

What People Are Saying


Although we have a very dedicated staff, the support provided by Kajeet has been incredibly helpful to us. Kajeet walked us through every step, which we really appreciate.

Joan Sherif, Director of Libraries | Northwestern Regional Library


We believe in saving our customers time and money, and Kajeet was able to continually support us by providing secure and reliable connectivity. Working with Kajeet allows us to focus on delivering innovative charging solutions. Altogether, we’re able to deliver more value and create better experiences for our customers.

Son Dang, VP of Hardware & Engineering | Loop


Our partnership with Kajeet allows us to provide our customers with fully managed, secure, multi-carrier connectivity for their telehealth solutions.

Evan Grayer, Co-Founder | Sano Health


I can activate or cancel devices at the drop of a hat… there’s no penalty there for me. I don’t have to worry about spending $200 to cancel a line, which means substantial savings for our business and helps us keep our costs competitive.

Derrick Hilmoe, Business Development Manager | zTrip


I like that the Sentinel portal aggregates my data, allowing me to see how much we have been using across all our devices. When we were direct with the carrier, I would have to look up each individual line to get any insights on data usage.

Michael Carter, Senior IT Operations Specialist | Beeline Group

Real-World Managed IoT Connectivity

See how our customers use Kajeet managed IoT connectivity, platforms, and services across a variety of public and private sector industries. Scroll to see more.

Ask a Question or Tell Us More

We’d love to learn more about your ongoing or planned initiatives and see how multi-carrier managed connectivity, Sentinel, Kajeet Concierge, or a private wireless network might fit. Just have a question? That’s okay, too!