LTE and 5G Private Wireless Networks

Kajeet Private Wireless makes it simple for any organization to implement its own private wireless network. Our Private 5G & LTE Platform is a next-generation, cloud-based solution that lays the foundation for a custom network designed to keep people, places and things connected. We draw from 20 years of wireless connectivity experience to design, install, and manage a private wireless network built for each customer’s specific needs.

Private Network Benefits

Why You Should Consider Deploying Your Own Private Wireless Network

As connectivity needs grow for both enterprise and public sector organizations, public wireless networks often fall short in terms of coverage, capacity and reliability. Many organizations are searching for alternatives that are flexible and secure, and that can be easily implemented and managed. With the emergence of more robust and affordable LTE and 5G technology, organizations can now deploy of their own Private Wireless Network. With a Private Wireless Network, control resides within the organization for things like bandwidth management, coverage expansion, and user access. And since the data traffic doesn’t have to travel back and forth to a core like it would with a public network, latency is lowered which improves speed, security and data privacy.

Benefits of Owning a Private Wireless Network

  • Cellular coverage extended to areas beyond traditional carriers with seamless mobility between both
  • Improved reliability and performance through high-quality connections, resulting in faster speeds and reduced downtime
  • High security protocol with SIM authentication, encryption, APN configuration, as well as control over user access
  • Budget stability by integrating existing fiber and real estate assets and eliminating monthly carrier bills

Private Wireless Network Design, Installation, and Management Activities

  • Proof of concept
  • Site selection
  • RF modeling & propagation
  • Backhaul plan
  • Site requirements & permitting
  • Radio selection & placement
  • Equipment order
  • Site prep
  • Electrical, ethernet & fiber installation
  • RAN equipment installation
  • Network provisioning
  • Testing & verification
  • Performance optimization
  • SIM, RAN, SAS, Core & Cloud management
  • 24x7 Network Operations Center monitoring
  • Ticketing portal
  • Capacity expansion
  • On-site repair & maintenance

*Kajeet Private Wireless Managed Service packages sold separately

Why You Should Partner with Kajeet for your Private Wireless Network

From start to finish, there are benefits to working with Kajeet on your private wireless network:

  • Simple & Flexible: A turnkey custom network quickly built and fully managed that meets the coverage, performance and security needs of each institution

  • End-to-End Solution: A site inspection leads to a detailed blueprint of hardware & software, a comprehensive deployment and testing plan, as well as ongoing management after deployment

  • Cloud-Based Management & Control: The industry-leading Sentinel platform allows IT Administrators to easily manage SIMs, devices and network attributes and leverages analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to proactively optimize network performance

  • Budget Friendly: Integrate existing fiber and real estate assets for tower locations and eliminate monthly carrier bills

  • Open Ecosystem: Supports multiple RAN vendors with Open API’s, allowing applications and back-end systems to tie seamlessly into the private network

Read the Nebraska Indian Community College Success Story

Like many Tribal Lands, the college operates in rural areas where reliable broadband doesn’t exist. NICC decided to use the 2.5 GHz broadband spectrum they were granted access to on an EBS license to provide high-speed Internet to their students. The college enlisted the help of Kajeet who created a custom, private LTE network by installing base stations on each campus, then deploying a variety of connected devices to students. NICC was able to meet their objective of enriching the learning experience through state-of-art programs.

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Questions About Private Wireless Networks?

We’d love to learn more about your ongoing or planned initiatives and see how multi-carrier managed connectivity, Sentinel, Kajeet Concierge, and private wireless networks might fit. Just have a question? That’s okay, too!