Kajeet SmartBus™

SmartBus: School Bus Managed Wireless Connectivity and WiFi

Upgrade your school buses with E-Rate-eligible Kajeet SmartBus. We provide a safe, easy-to-use WiFi solution that enables students to keep learning while they travel. Up to 65 students can connect at one time, making SmartBus ideal for daily bus routes, athletic buses, field trips, mobile STEM labs, and bookmobiles.

School Bus WiFi: A Cost-Effective Way to Bridge the Homework Gap

Students without internet at home face additional barriers to completing their homework, have lower graduation rates, and score lower on standardized tests when compared to their well-connected peers – even before the pandemic. School bus wifi helps bridge that digital divide.

Around 30 percent of all U.S. students do not have adequate internet at home – causing an internet gap the moment they leave the classroom. Our wifi-equipped buses fill the homework gap for dozens of students at a time.

School Bus Wifi Must-Haves

Bus Wifi Critical Requirements v2-1


Researching school bus WiFi solution providers? Make sure any solution you're looking at includes these critical features:

  • Wireless Connectivity eSIM Support
     Best network guaranteed with each device provisioned with at least two cellular carriers. Support for active-active connections. Unlimited data without overages.
  • Content Filtering
    CIPA-compliant content filtering for all devices attached to the WiFi network, without the need for integration with school networks or on-premise filtering systems. Filtering by category (time of day, routes, grade levels, etc.).

    Support for latest security threats, proxies, inappropriate content, and social media. 

  • Appropriate Hardware

    Ruggedized hardware with an operating temperature range of -30 °C to 70 °C. 

    Support for various use cases ranging from 5 to 85 student connections. 

  • Flexible Contracting Options
    Multi-year contract availability (flexibility of 1-year term with up to 5-year extension).
  • Care and Management

    Web-based platform for real-time reporting of device and data usage, including daily student ridership, cellular signal quality metrics, and threat detection reporting. 

    24/7/365 technical support for staff, students, and drivers. 

    Deployment assistance including configuration management, with option to limit to district issued and approved devices. 

  • Installation
    Harnesses and conversion kit availability. Installation capabilities with non-permanent options for leased fleets.Download These Critical Requirements (PDF)

School bus wifi is now E-Rate eligible

fcc-logo-black-500wWe applaud the recent FCC ruling that makes SmartBus and school bus Wifi eligible for E-Rate funding. This student-centric decision extends the classroom and helps to bridge the digital divide for those students who might need internet connectivity while traveling to and from school, to sporting events, and on field trips. 

Visit Our E-Rate Resources Page




Watch this important webinar excerpt

Navigating School Bus WiFi for 2024

Watch this excerpted webinar video and learn about the need for and the benefits of school bus Wifi as they pertain to district administrators, technology directors, and transportation directors, and how Kajeet SmartBus provides those features. Topics covered include

  • The need for school bus WiFi: Millions of students lack reliable internet access at home, and school buses provide an opportunity to bridge the digital divide.
  • Benefits of school bus WiFi: Increased student engagement, improved academic performance, reduced driver distractions, and cost savings.
  • Features of Kajeet SmartBus: Installed or portable routers, CIPA-compliant filtering, real-time data and insights through the Sentinel platform.
  • Number of users: Kajeet routers support 128 concurrent WiFi connections, but the recommended maximum for optimal performance is 65.
  • Filtering: CIPA-compliant filtering can be customized based on grade level and time of day.

Want to watch the whole webinar on demand, and learn even more about topics like E-Rate? Request your free access to the full webinar recording here.

Be sure to also check out our E-Rate / Form 470 Resources page!

Watch This Video Testimonial

Farmington Municipal Schools

Farmington Municipal Schools Transportation Director Billy Huish talks to us about his real-world implementation of SmartBus. Watch this video and learn about

• The positive impacts he's seen on students
• How he's able to use the analytics to gauge student success
• How built-in content filtering keeps students on task and off of blocked sites
• How SmartBus has turned FMS buses into true extensions of the classroom



Smiling child in front of school bus with wifi
Download the Guide

The Connected Bus

A Complete Guide to Implementing School Bus Wifi in Your District

To bridge the digital divide and make it easier for students without Internet access at home to keep up with their peers and enjoy better access to learning material and other resources outside school, many school districts have outfitted school buses with WiFi.

Download this guide and learn more about

  • The importance of bridging the digital divide, particularly in the K12 setting
  • Why extending the classroom into the school bus makes sense for you and your students
  • Other benefits of school bus wifi
  • How to get started with school bus wifi for your school or district

Download The Connected Bus Now

180 Average hours on school bus by K12 students annually
20 Equivalent instructional days on school buses per K12 student
2500 + Schools and districts rely on Kajeet for student WiFi

Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain

No Network Know-How Needed

We understand that school resources can be thin, which is why we’ve made sure that if you can work a phone, a screwdriver, and four screws, you can handle maintenance of  SmartBus™ WiFi. On top of that, we provide lifetime resources, including:

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Training for Administrators
  • Tier-1 support for parents, students, and educators

Since web traffic to and from SmartBus runs through the Kajeet network, there is no need to involve your already overburdened IT department. Support is simple with Kajeet’s Sentinel® platform, which allows administrators to manage devices, filters, access controls, and data allocations, as well as get key insights into program performance.

4 Simple Steps to Connected School Buses

Select Your Wireless Network

We work with all major U.S. wireless carriers so you can select what works best for you

Desired Number of SmartBuses

Not sure how many you might need? We have tools to help you decide

Choose Contract Terms

Flexible terms means you can choose what works best for your district – 6, 12, or 24 months

Choose a Data Plan

Shared across all devices and across all major networks, use your data whenever you need it – without monthly caps

Talk to Us about Connected School Buses

Tell us about your project and your needs, and learn why Kajeet is the safest and most reliable wireless solution trusted by over 2,500+ schools and districts.