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Download SmartSpot and SmartBus guides and posters, watch Sentinel tutorial and how-to videos, or contact Kajeet support directly.

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For Customers: Login to the Kajeet Knowledge Center and open a ticket

For SmartSpot Users: Visit ServiceNow for live chat support

You can always check the current status of your devices by going to This page will tell you if your device is suspended, has hit a data limit, or if your account is out of MBs or points.

If you need to purchase replacement cases or charging cords (or request new instruction manuals free-of-charge), you can do so on our Purchase Accessories page.

If you want to check the Kajeet network status, you can click here to visit our status page.

Call 877-352-5338 for our support helpline.

Kajeet SmartSpot Guides

Find the SmartSpot device you have below to access Quick Start Guides and how-to videos.

SmartBus Guides

Find guides for both portable and installed SmartBus solutions here.

Portable SmartBus
Bus Driver Guide
Installed SmartBus
Bus Driver Guide

SmartSpot Posters for Schools

Looking for an additional way to spread the word about your Kajeet SmartSpot program? Download these posters to let students know they can check out a SmartSpot.

8.5" x 11" English
SmartSpot Poster
8.5" x 11" Spanish
SmartSpot Poster
8.5" x 14" English
SmartSpot Poster
8.5" x 14" Spanish
SmartSpot Poster

Sentinel® Videos

Learn how to get the most out of your Kajeet program by becoming a Sentinel expert!

How to Suspend a Lost or Stolen Device
Account Dashboard vs. User Dashboard
How to Check Account Data Usage
How to Check Account Website Activity
How to Check User Data Usage and Activity
How to Use the Check-In/Out Function
How to Create and Schedule Reports
How to Use SmartBus GPS Live View
How to Use SmartBus GPS Location History

Contact Kajeet Support

Can’t find the answers here that you’re looking for? Contact us and let us know, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.