Kajeet Success Story: OneKey Virtual Care

Read how Kajeet provided OneKey with easy and affordable telehealth connectivity and management to help them fight the caregiver shortage.

Caregiver Shortage & the OneKey Virtual Care Solution

OneKey Virtual Care is a passionate family business serving clients in need of in-home care for their aging and ailing loved ones.

OKVC_horizontal_logo_blue_and_orange_1-600x265-2Similar to everyone in the home care industry, OneKey began feeling the impacts of the nationwide caregiver shortage over the past several years. When the pandemic hit, it became clear that the industry needed a technology solution.

Unable to find a solution on the market, the OneKey team decided to create it themselves. Founding OneKey Virtual Care, a tech startup, they set about building an innovative, sophisticated, reliable, and secure home care monitoring and reporting solution to provide contactless care to families.

Onboarding with Kajeet

In pursuing a connectivity partner, OneKey connected with Kajeet through the recommendation of their contact at Verizon. When the OneKey team spoke with Kajeet, it was clear that this partnership checked all of their boxes. Not only was Kajeet able to offer a lower service cost than traditional Internet service providers – without any hardwiring required – but the added capabilities of the solution would allow the OneKey team to provide their clients with the privacy and reliability they needed.

Likewise, while wireless carriers and Internet service providers had line minimums that would prevent them from working with OneKey, Kajeet was able to support just a few lines for OneKey as it laid the building blocks for its new business.

“At the beginning, before the product was released, we wanted to get an NDA signed,” explained Kristen Nervo Dowey, CEO of OneKey Virtual Care. “Kajeet’s CEO, Daniel Neal, was able to sign our NDA within one day and we were immediately able to get to work. Having a partner who offers that speed and flexibility makes a huge difference for a company like us. It meant so much.”

Through custom consultation and personalized support from Kajeet engineers, the teams built OneKey Virtual Care’s ideal solution. The teams established that Kajeet would provide a secure router, which would be connected to a number of motion-triggered cameras and placed in the client’s home or facility setting. All footage from the router would be securely transported to the OneKey monitoring center, where all data would be stored.

Within a matter of weeks, OneKey Virtual Care was up and running with its in-home connectivity solution, powered by Kajeet.

The Kajeet Difference

Security and Privacy

When working in a healthcare setting, including in individuals’ homes, ensuring the security of your solution is paramount. The Kajeet-OneKey solution is HIPAA-friendly, and as all data operates on the Kajeet VPN, it never hits the public Internet – affording clients peace of mind.

Connection Reliability and Data Pooling

The ability to manage, pool, and share data across devices and carriers afforded OneKey control and flexibility.

“One of the biggest challenges we’re facing is monitoring data consumption,” explains Dowey.

“It’s nice that the Sentinel® platform allows us to control that, as well as remotely identify if any devices have gone down. We have never had to go back into a client’s home to reset their connection, router, or camera. We can do it all remotely.”

Dedicated Support

The dedicated support of the Kajeet team has been a gamechanger for OneKey.

Dowey shares that “the system has rarely gone down, but when it does – even at night or after hours – the Kajeet team immediately goes online to resolve it and we have a follow-up call the next day. Having a live, responsive individual to talk to and help us take care of any issues is imperative to us.”

Cost and Connection Reliability

Many of the elderly and rural patients that OneKey serves either do not subscribe to home Internet access or have a poor connection. The multi-carrier connectivity provided by Kajeet allows for the best wireless coverage possible – without having to rely on home broadband.

Ease of Partnership

Instead of managing multiple vendor contracts at a time, OneKey appreciates the ease of working with Kajeet for all of their connectivity, control, and management needs.

Improving Lives, One Connection at a Time

Armed with the connectivity of the Kajeet solution, OneKey Virtual Care has been able to make an impact on the lives and wellbeing of many clients in a secure and highly innovative way.

For example, OneKey Virtual Care has made a difference in the life of a woman with dementia. Because the client prefers not to have caregivers in her home, her family values being able to trust a third party to monitor her wellbeing, without compromising her independence and privacy. OneKey monitors behaviors, looks out for warning signs, responds as needed, and provides a report on all activity for use by her doctors – completely remotely and without any intervention from the client or her family.

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“Kajeet was the only provider I came across that offered a solution that worked in patients’ homes, met our data, security, and reliability needs, and was cost-effective,” shares Dowey. “We’re happy to partner with Kajeet – it really feels like a family.”

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Our partnership with Kajeet allows us to provide our customers with fully managed, secure, multi-carrier connectivity for their telehealth solutions.

Evan Grayer, Co-Founder | Sano Health

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