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Important Notes

Below are the items we have available for any Kajeet employee to order. Reference the photos and the drop down below, shows what sizes we have available per item.

Please make sure to provide your full address when ordering, since it will get shipped to you directly.

*Please keep in mind, orders will only be fulfilled the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.*

If there is a show or event coming up that requires an order to be sent out sooner, please contact Sylvia directly.


Cool Fleece

Grey Sport-Tek long-sleeve fleece. The only thing cooler than this warm, warm fleece is you, wearing it around town. You'll be very popular, and people will want to be seen with you.

Fleece Zip Up-200w

Cool T-Shirt

From Custom Ink. It could be short sleeve, could be long sleeve, who knows?! Just sleeve it alone. 

Some assembly required. Dad jokes not included.

P.S. They're almost certainly short-sleeved.

Grey TShirt[19]


Cool Polo Shirt

This Cornerstone polo shirt only comes in Navy, by order of certain Navy partisans in the company. No names. If it were up to me, it would also come in "Army." Hooah!

BREAKING NEWS! The inventory sheet lists this as "black." So maybe it's an Army shirt after all! Hooah!

I'd ask Sylvia what color it really is, though. She knows all. Heck, she'd probably even be happy to tie-dye one for you, if you ask nicely.

CornerStone Polo[6]


Cool Lanyard

Evildoers beware! Perps won't stand a chance when you flash your badge at the end of this lanyard! Ideal for law enforcement,  and also for trade show attendees.



Cool Water Bottle

There was a comedian in the 90s named Carrot Top. This isn't him. But it IS a Screw Top water bottle. (I do hear it performs at open mic comedy nights, though, with upcoming performances at the Greater Cincinnati  Elks Club and the Bloomington Happy Corn Retirement Home. "Ladies and Gentlemen -- Screw Top!!!")

Water not included.



Cool Mop Top Pen

This still isn't Carrot Top. But at least it kinda looks like him. Maybe this is... Blue Curacao Top. Also playing at the Cincinnati Elks Club, if you want to catch his act.



Cool Drawstring Bag

Larger than it looks! You can carry around way more than Dungeons and Dragons dice sets with this baby! Maybe even an actual baby! Ideal for busy parents on the go. And hey -- in a few years, you could also use it for baby's first sack race! Reduce, reuse, and recycle, people.

Drawstring Bag[66]