LTE-embedded Chromebooks, Laptops and Tablets

One device to track and manage, saving time and money
Whether in class or away from campus, no student should be left behind due to a lack of internet access. Our LTE-embedded Chromebooks, laptops and tablets are the perfect solution to bridge the digital divide to ensure that students have access wherever they need it.

With Kajeet, you get more than just a device and connectivity

  • Choice of Network - Choose from major US wireless carriers to ensure optimal coverage
  • CIPA-Compliant Filtering & Network Security – Keep students safe and on-task while they are online, and generate CIPA audit reports as needed
  • Easy to Launch - Devices arrive fully activated, provisioned & kitted
  • Tier 1 Support – Available to both administrators and students to alleviate time spent troubleshooting by school IT staff
  • Kajeet Sentinel – One pane of glass administrators can use to easily track, manage, and troubleshoot devices; as well as control data allocations and student usage parameters, including summer suspend
  • Unlimited Data Plan Option – Helps districts remain on budget by eliminating variable data rate plans

Tech Wellness Guide Template


Managing technology in an educational setting can be overwhelming. Managing vendors, contracts, warranties, funding sources and device inventories alone can create an extensive task list for technology departments. To help keep things organized, download our Tech Wellness Guide template.

Download the template to help you keep track of:  

  • Vendors 
  • Funding Sources 
  • Device Inventory  
  • Device Replacement