A Step Beyond the Competition

We are often asked, “Who is your competition?” - and while we’re all for a little friendly competition, when it comes to providing mobile Internet access to disadvantaged children, Kajeet is truly one-of-a-kind. While programs like Comcast Internet Essentials, Connect2Compete, and other local programs attempt to solve the same issue of connecting low-income students to the Internet, their eligibility requirements and ongoing costs affect the adoption rates and ultimately cause a district or school to fall short of their goal of providing mobile Internet access to all of their disadvantaged students.

Read on to find out how Kajeet is a step beyond the competition!

Who is Eligible?

It is up to the school or district to determine who is eligible to receive the service. Other services like Comcast Internet Essentials and Connect2Compete have multiple eligibility restrictions and require students to be eligible for the free or reduced cost lunch program, not have an outstanding bill and not have subscribed to their service within the past 90 days among others. Kajeet does not discriminate or impose eligibility requirements.

Is it Safe for Kids?

Kajeet provides Internet access with CIPA-compliant filtering allowing the district or school to limit access to sites that are not appropriate for children and also to those sites that detract from learning. Our competition does not filter any web content, which can distract students from their studies at a minimum and pose a threat to student’s safety in the extreme.

Is it Compatible with Wi-Fi Enabled Devices?

Yes! Kajeet’s “Go anywhere” technology is fully mobile, 4G LTE compatible and can be used with any industry standard Wi-Fi capable device allowing students anytime, anywhere access to the Internet. The Comcast Internet Essentials and Connect2Compete models include a modem that is not compatible with wireless devices - customers must purchase a separate Wi-Fi enabled router in order to use the service with a wireless device.

What Kind of Reporting is Available?

With Kajeet’s mobile Internet service for students, districts and schools have access to reporting which includes detailed consumption statistics by device. This reporting can be helpful to limit usage, do budgetary planning, and to see where students are spending their time online. Other programs are managed at the student or family level so schools have no idea where their students are going or how much data is being consumed.

Who Pays for the Service?

Schools or districts can provide Kajeet Education Broadband through various funding options including grants, Title I funds, fundraising, corporate sponsorships, IT or operating budgets. Many clients use the same budget for Kajeet that they use to provide devices like laptops and tablets to students. This takes the financial burden off the family, allowing for at-home Internet access for all and not just for those who can afford it. Kajeet is the only solution that truly bridges the digital divide by promising Internet access for every student, regardless of their socio-economic status. Our competition places the financial burden of Internet connectivity squarely on the shoulders of the families of the disadvantaged students - families who are already struggling to pay their bills.

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