The ABCs of Wireless Services for Telecom / Cable Companies

Wireless services are a seamless and cost-effective way to expand reach and increase revenue.

Many cable companies looking to expand their service offerings beyond traditional cable and internet are looking at the wireless industry as the next frontier. The decision to enter the wireless market can be a complex one, with a variety of different paths to consider. One option that has gained popularity in recent years is the creation of a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which allows cable companies to lease wireless network capacity from established carriers and resell it under their own brand. While MVNOs can offer some advantages, such as greater control over pricing and branding, they require significant upfront investment and offer relatively small profit margins.

As an alternative, cable companies should consider offering other wireless services that can be quicker to market and yield higher revenue margins. Three options are wireless failover, fixed wireless, and private wireless. Let's take a look at all three. 

A. Wireless Failover

During wired internet outages, businesses can lose critical in-transit data and business operations can come to a complete halt negatively impacting revenue generation and productivity. In a wired internet failure, an LTE failover network provides reliable backup connectivity by automatically switching network devices to a backup cellular connection source — reducing downtime and providing peace of mind.

This is a valuable offering for businesses that are highly dependent on an internet connection to function; such as those in the healthcare, finance, or retail industries. Moreover, wireless failover can be easily and quickly deployed putting cable companies only a few steps away of generating additional revenue and increasing customer retention and satisfaction. 

B. Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless is another potential offering for cable companies looking to enter the wireless industry. Fixed wireless involves providing internet access to homes and businesses using cellular connectivity. This can be a valuable service in areas where wired connections are not available or are too expensive to deploy. By providing fixed wireless, cable companies can tap into a new market and generate significant revenue from a variety of sources including residential customers, small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprises. Fixed wireless services are less capital-intensive than MVNOs, and cable companies can quickly deploy a network and generate revenue from this segment.

C. Private Wireless

Private wireless services is a relatively new and fast-growing market that offers cable companies an opportunity to provide dedicated wireless networks for businesses and enterprise customers. Private wireless networks can offer more control over bandwidth and network performance and can be tailored to specific business needs, making them a valuable offering for businesses in various industries. Private wireless services offer an attractive alternative to traditional wired networks, as they provide improved flexibility, scalability, and reliability. Once again, private wireless services can offer higher profit margins compared to MVNOs.


While entering the wireless industry is an attractive proposition for cable companies, building an MVNO is not the only option. Wireless failover, fixed wireless, and private wireless services offer cable companies an opportunity to start generating revenue right away and keep customer satisfaction and retention to a peak. 

Large cable operators have trusted Kajeet to build expensive MVNOs. With our cellular connectivity solutions and managed services, smaller MSO's can enter the wireless market with ease, and monetize without having to deploy their own MVNO.

In addition, Kajeet solutions provide additional benefits such as data pooling, real-time reporting, filtering, data and device monitoring, and alerts for minimized fraud prevention.

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