CoSN 2024 Conference Recap: Key Insights for K-12 Education Leaders

The pivotal role of K-12 educators, technology directors, CTOs, and superintendents in shaping the future of education through technology integration cannot be overstated. The Consortium for School Networking -- probably better known to you as COSN -- recently concluded the CoSN 2024 conference, and Kajeet had the privilege of participating in discussions that offered invaluable insights into the ever-evolving EdTech landscape. 

Kajeet at COSN 2024Throughout the conference, dynamic conversations among K-12 educators, administrators, and technology leaders illuminated the most pressing issues in educational technology.  

  • "Return on Instruction" emerged as a key focus, emphasizing the importance of measuring how technology enhances learning outcomes in practical ways.  
  • Discussions surrounding 1:1 device programs centered on ensuring equitable access to devices for all students and effective management strategies within schools.  
  • The topic of data interoperability garnered significant attention, with educators exploring ways to streamline data usage across different platforms to make informed instructional decisions.  
  • Cybersecurity remained a top concern, with dedicated sessions addressing proactive measures to protect school networks and student data from cyber threats.  
  • E-rate policy discussions drew attention, highlighting changes in funding allocation and the importance of maximizing resources effectively.  
  • Artificial intelligence in K-12 education sparked both excitement and debate, with educators exploring its potential to transform teaching and learning experiences in the classroom. 

Here are some key takeaways from COSN 2024 tailored specifically for you: 

Fostering Professionalism in Education: Professionalism serves as the cornerstone of successful technology integration initiatives. Discussions underscored the importance of having dedicated personnel and innovative approaches such as Student Tech Teams to support teachers and students effectively. 

Advocating for Equity in Access: Ensuring equitable access to technology across all grade levels is essential to promote fairness and inclusivity in education. As leaders in your districts, prioritizing equal opportunities for every student, regardless of their grade level, is crucial. 

Prioritizing Device Security and Care: Device security and care are paramount in maintaining a conducive learning environment. Robust software approval processes and proactive budgeting for devices are essential strategies to mitigate security risks and ensure uninterrupted instructional use. 

Maximizing EdTech ROI Post-ESSER: In a landscape facing challenges such as ransomware attacks and declining funding, making informed investment decisions in educational technology is more critical than ever. Leveraging data analytics tools to optimize EdTech ROI can help navigate these challenges effectively. 

Encouraging Collaborative Decision-Making: Fostering a collaborative approach to decision-making is key. By ensuring access to unified data sources and evaluating resources together, you can enhance resource optimization and support informed decision-making processes. 

In summary, the CoSN 2024 conference provided edtech leaders with valuable insights and strategies to drive positive change in educational technology integration. By prioritizing professionalism, equity, and strategic planning, you empower your schools and students to succeed in the digital age. At Kajeet, we remain committed to supporting your efforts in this important endeavor. 

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Krystle Pearson

Krystle Pearson, M.Ed. is the Kajeet Education Sr. Marketing Manager, bringing with her 16 years of experience, including her most recent role as a K-12 Director of Technology. She also serves on the Executive Board for the Virginia Alliance of Black School Educators.

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