EdTech Sustainability and Budgeting

Having the right plan in mind is essential when thinking about device procurement and technology sustainability needs. There are many components to consider when working towards the goals of student success and building a reliable supply of technologies to fit your budget needs.

Do you have an EdTech plan?

A technology plan is a key component for both sustainability and budgeting. It serves as the blueprint and/or a guide for your district’s focus. The technology plan should be directly aligned with the school division’s strategic goals and promote student achievement. In doing so, districts can effectively deploy efficient technology while ensuring access to secure and high-quality resources.

When building your technology plan, consider the following components to include:

  1. Mission & Vision – The mission and vision for a district sets the tone and action plan in place for the work that is to come. By stating the mission and the vision, the district states their commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for students to learn and grow.
  2. Strategic goals - The strategic goals should be in alignment with the district’s goals. The anticipated results, indicators of success and action steps should be identifiable in the development. For each individual goal, you should always include the following for sustainability and planning purposes:
    1. Results (What do you want to accomplish?)
    2. Indicators (What evidence will exist at the completion of the goals?)
    3. Action (What action will be taken to accomplish the goals?)
    4. Resources (What type of partnerships are needed to ensure that your goals will be met?)
  3. Device procurement cycle - Promoting the use of technology resources should be evident in the device procurement cycle. This section should give a detailed plan for current devices, plans for obtaining more, and be in alignment with the strategic goals for future purchases. When looking at the details of your device procurement cycle, consider the following:
    1. What funding sources are readily available to sustain the plan?
    2. How often should you place a device on a cycle? Ex: every three years, four years, or by grade level
    3. Will you be able to purchase devices along with insurance coverage and device replacement within your cycle?
  4. Research/Surveys – Having quantifiable data can help with the district’s plan for purchasing. While it is the district’s goal to provide technologies for student learning, it is always a good practice to consider a needs assessment survey for staff. These efforts are a great way to gauge technology needs and how the district can use their internal buying power to support educators, which in turn will benefit student learning.

EdTech Procurement Vehicles

Many states provide procurement vehicles for districts to use. Although there are some compliance requirements, procurement vehicles allow districts to buy products from vetted solutions providers and/or federally approved agencies.

Are you unsure as to which procurement vehicles are available for your state? Kajeet provides a running list of procurement vehicles in which your education solutions can be purchased directly. To view the list, visit Kajeet Purchasing Vehicles.

You can also download our complete Funding Sources guide here

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Krystle Pearson

Krystle Pearson, M.Ed. is the Kajeet Education Sr. Marketing Manager, bringing with her 16 years of experience, including her most recent role as a K-12 Director of Technology. She also serves on the Executive Board for the Virginia Alliance of Black School Educators.

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