FCC Includes Hotspot Lending Proposal on July 18 Agenda

Kajeet Applauds FCC’s Decision

E-Rate Program Further Empowers Schools and Libraries to Provide Affordable Internet Access to Students and Patrons

Kajeet, the leading provider of connected learning solutions, today commended the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s decision to include the Hotspot Lending Proposal on the agenda for its July 18th Open Commission Meeting. This critical initiative will expand E-Rate funding to include mobile hotpots, enabling schools and libraries to extend affordable internet access directly to students and patrons in need.

With educational content increasingly moving online, students deserve to have appropriate internet access whenever they need it, at school, at home, and on the go. The FCC proposal, once approved, will empower schools and libraries across the nation to apply for funding aimed at offering affordable internet services beyond their physical premises. By facilitating access to mobile hotspots, the initiative seeks to bridge the digital divide and ensure that underserved communities have the connectivity they need for education, work, and essential services.

“Kajeet wholeheartedly supports the FCC’s Hotspot Lending Proposal,” said Ben Weintraub, CEO at Kajeet. “This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to provide equitable internet access to all students and community members, regardless of their location. We commend the FCC for recognizing the urgent need for such measures and are optimistic about the positive impact this will have on bridging the digital divide.”

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The FCC's draft order on Hotspot Lending is expected to be released tomorrow, June 27th, for public review. Kajeet encourages all stakeholders to voice their support for this crucial initiative. Expanding access to affordable internet is essential for promoting educational equity and empowering communities across the country.

Kajeet remains committed to supporting educational institutions and libraries in their efforts to provide connectivity solutions. We look forward to the positive changes this proposal will bring and stand ready to assist in its implementation.

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