Filtering Internet Access at Home with School Issued Devices

We believe every student should have access to the Internet at home. However, the Web is a big place and so many things are not appropriate for kids, especially the younger ones. Schools should be concerned about what students are viewing on school-issued laptops or tablets. 

When a school laptop goes home, it should be used for learning. We understand learning isn't always just Blackboard or MyOn. There are hundreds of thousands of websites that ultimately help students learn. There are just as many that do not. Kids will find content that distracts, may be harmful or is even illegal.   

What sets us apart from our competition is the ability to filter sites with our patented technology outside of school. With Kajeet, every MiFi® device filters content set by the school or district anywhere, anytime.

Some of examples of sites Kajeet blocks includes, but is certainly not limited to:  

  • Adult Images/Nudity/Profanity/Pornography
  • Gambling
  • Alcohol/Drugs/Substance Abuse/Tobacco/etc.
  • Criminal Skills/Hate Speech/Weapons/etc.
  • Pay to Surf
  • Advertising/Classifieds
  • Social Networking/Chat (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Sex Education
  • Entertainment/Games/Streaming Media/Netflix/Hulu/Pandora
  • Adware/Infected Hosts/Phising/Malformed URL/Web Proxy/Viruses
  • File Sharing
  • Instant Messaging/VOIP/File transfer
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