Gable: Connected Visual Communications for a Digital Age

Established in 1980, Gable is a visual communications company serving clients across the nation with a range of digital signage services – from advanced LED displays to interactive wayfinding directories, video walls, and more. Gable’s clients represent a wide range of industries, including hospitality, government agencies, healthcare, higher education, transportation, and retail, to name a few.

Connectivity: A Crucial Component of Digital Display Solutions

In order for them to be monitored and managed in real-time, digital signage solutions must be embedded with connectivity. And for many of Gable’s clients – some of whose physical limitations prohibit installing wired ethernet lines – cellular connectivity is the most reliable, cost-effective option.

Gable originally worked with a major cellular carrier to purchase data, but experienced high overage charges, poor technical support, and complexity in managing individual user accounts.

The Kajeet Digital Signage Solution

When Gable was searching for a managed connectivity solutions provider in 2019, it was clear that Kajeet, with their premier solution for digital signage providers, was the partner they needed.

Multi-Carrier Connectivity

As Kajeet works with all major U.S. wireless carriers, Gable is able to offer their customers the best possible coverage in any given area of the country – without concerns for coverage gaps or outages. And the ability to work with a single vendor – instead of negotiating and managing multiple vendor contracts – saves the Gable team significant time.

Data and Device Management

The patented Kajeet Sentinel® IoT management platform allows for easy data and device management on the backend – with the ability to pool and share data across devices and carriers.

“It’s a lot more convenient for us to be able to buy data in bulk and then parcel it out to our clients while also creating a cost-effective solution for them,” shares Wes Ferwerda, Digital Operations Manager, CPCNP

The ability to create device groups, as well as to track data usage for simplified billing, has streamlined Gable’s management of its client accounts. Plus, its advanced security features keep clients’ data from ever touching the public Internet.

“Sentinel gives us a lot of insight into where our customers’ data is going. If something happens and a client is suddenly using significantly more data than they should, with Sentinel Insights, we can see exactly where that data is going, identify the cause, and address the concern quickly.”

Kajeet Concierge®

Kajeet’s Concierge-level support has played a pivotal role in Gable’s success in data management. With regular check-ins and a dedicated account management team, knowing they could reach out at any time and receive Tier-1 support has been a game-changer for Gable.

“Kajeet’s support team has been very helpful and responsive. Even with issues that aren’t directly related to Kajeet’s services, their team has hopped on a call with me and helped me resolve them in a fraction of the time. It’s huge to have a partner you can rely on.” - Wes Ferwerda, Digital Operations Manager, CPCNP

50+ of Gable’s clients currently use Kajeet connectivity successfully, and they look forward to growing that footprint as they expand their reach.

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Gable has been a leader in visual communications for 40+ years. We are passionate about elevating the way people perceive, interact with, and remember brands, buildings, and places. With a rich legacy in blending the timeless artistry of traditional signs with the dynamic possibilities of video displays & integrated AV systems, Gable continues to shape the future of visual communications. For more information, visit or call 800-854-0568.