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Remote Patient Monitoring Success Story: iO Urology

In 2018, two urogynecologists set out to create a solution to the problem of unreliable, inconsistent handwritten patient voiding diaries. They founded iO Urology and began developing the first remote patient monitoring solution for urologic care.

These providers sought to connect their handheld CarePath® device, which patients use to measure urine output, with cellular connectivity – so that the data gleaned from each use would be immediately and accurately sent to the patient’s provider. While they knew partnering with a major wireless carrier was an option, they desired a partner who would be able to provide insights at the individual device level as well as one with a commitment to FDA-compliant standards surrounding protected health information (PHI).

Early in its production process, the iO Urology team found Kajeet. Not only do Kajeet’s partnerships with all major wireless carriers enable the best coverage for patients, but its Sentinel® IoT connectivity and management platform enables the successful management of these devices through custom alerts, real-time updates, device groups, and advanced analytics at both the macro and discrete unit levels. Most importantly, Kajeet solutions operate on a fully private network and maintain the highest levels of security when transmitting data — making it an ideal solution for handling sensitive PHI.

“Kajeet has been a great partner. As a startup, we need partners who see the vision with us and have faith we can execute and grow into what’s possible. Kajeet’s ability to support us and give us premium service, even when we aren’t a big player, has been a big part of our success.”

Ryan Willemsen, Chief Operating Officer, iO Urology

With the support of the Kajeet team, iO Urology launched its first clinic site in Virginia Beach, VA and its solution is currently in use with over 500 patients. The patient response has been uniquely positive. Since the CarePath device uses cellular connectivity and is activated simply by touch, there is no challenge for patients in connecting to WiFi or Bluetooth or in downloading apps. Patients have consistently remarked how "impressively simple" it is to use CarePath.

Nowhere is the solution’s impact better demonstrated than in the fact that, as an industry average, only 7% of men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) seek imaging and consultation. For men who use the CarePath device, however, an encouraging 70% received imaging and additional consultation to help them address their symptoms. Through helping providers and patients understand a patient's true condition - all at home - CarePath is changing treatment for men with BPH.

iO Urology looks forward to continued growth in the near future, with the goal of expanding nationwide through launches at some of the largest and most innovative urology practices in the coming months.

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