BuyBoard gives schools and local governments a simplified purchasing process and competitive pricing for Kajeet products and services

Kajeet®, a leading provider of wireless connectivity, software and hardware solutions that deliver safe, reliable and controlled internet access, today announced a new partnership with BuyBoard, a purchasing cooperative that streamlines the buying process for public school districts, higher education, municipalities, local government entities and non-profit organizations. BuyBoard offers products from vendors that have been carefully vetted and gone through a competitive procurement process.

“This partnership will make it easier, faster, and less expensive for schools to connect students to safe, reliable internet access”

“This partnership will make it easier, faster, and less expensive for schools to connect students to safe, reliable internet access,” said Michael Flood, senior vice president and general manager of education at Kajeet. “We’re excited for Kajeet to be added as one of BuyBoard’s trusted vendors, giving school districts and government entities confidence they are working with a thoroughly vetted partner. Kajeet is provider neutral and can work with any carrier to swiftly, safely, and affordably connect students or adults to reliable broadband.”

Given the ongoing delays in the US supply chain and historic inflation rates, Kajeet’s inclusion in BuyBoard is a powerful tool to enable schools and local governments to purchase WiFi hotspots, school bus WiFi, LTE-embedded laptops and home wireless routers to close the digital divide for students and communities. Complying with local and state purchasing requirements, BuyBoard ensures that schools and other organizations relying on their cooperative will not need to go through a lengthy or cumbersome bidding process when purchasing school connectivity products and services. All transactions are made through an easy-to-use online vendor marketplace, and membership in BuyBoard is available to all types of local government agencies throughout the United States.

For more than a decade, Kajeet has been working with education and community leaders to close the digital divide for students, known as the “homework gap.” As many as 12 million students in the U.S. lack adequate broadband access to support learning and complete homework.

Today, Kajeet provides coverage in 173 countries including all of North America, and partners with over 2,500 school districts, libraries and higher education institutions to deliver safe and secure online learning solutions to students. Additionally, with more than 1,000 bus fleets equipped with SmartBus, Kajeet is #1 provider of school bus WiFi in North America.

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