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Green Bay Area Public School District said more and more of its curriculum is based online.

“A lot of our classes are going paperless, a lot of the technology is just becoming intertwined with the way that we teach,” said Kristin Brouchoud, library media specialist at Washington Middle School. However, not all students have Internet access outside of school.

“If they don’t have access at home it makes it difficult to get their homework done,” said Diane Doersch, the chief technology and information officer for Green Bay Area Public School District.

As a part of a pilot program, students at all 10 Green Bay middle and high schools are able to check out computers and internet. The district said the rental is need based and beneficial for students without internet.

“This is a huge opportunity for our students, it’s a huge win for our students,” Brouchoud said.

Students can check out a computer and a wireless hotspot, called a Kajeet, for 3 days at a time. The internet provided by the Kajeet has the same web filters as the schools’ computers. “It doesn’t get you Netflix, you can’t get to YouTube and so the data is used for learning,” Doersch said.

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