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Kajeet's Smart Private 5G Neutral Host Network: A Seamless Solution

In an era where cellular and internet connectivity is a daily, almost constant need, the significance of reliable connectivity cannot be overstated -- and yet, the frustration of entering a building and encountering poor cellular coverage is an experience that many of us still regularly encounter. Neutral Host Networks, specifically those based on the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum, are emerging as revolutionary solutions to address these challenges. In this post we'll explore what a neutral host network is, as well as some of the benefits of the award-winning Kajeet Smart Private 5G Neutral Host solution for neutral host networks -- and be sure and watch the neutral host network video with industry expert Derrick Frost, below!

Understanding Neutral Host Network Solutions

Definition and Evolution

Neutral Host Networks are innovative solutions designed to enhance the coverage and capacity of carrier networks. Our Smart Private 5G Neutral Host does this by using the CBRS frequency spectrum, which is approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for use by businesses, enterprises, and educational institutions in deploying private wireless networks. Its evolution includes the incorporation of neutral host capabilities, facilitated by a Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN) gateway.

The MOCN Gateway

The MOCN gateway serves as a crucial link between the private wireless network on the CBRS spectrum and multiple carriers. This gateway transforms a single private wireless network into a versatile infrastructure capable of hosting and providing connectivity to various carriers. The result is a two-fold advantage: a private wireless network with enhanced coverage, capacity, and security, and a neutral host network seamlessly integrated into the broader carrier network.

The Two-Fold Advantage: Private Wireless and Neutral Host

Multi-Carrier Private Wireless on the CBRS Spectrum

The deployment of a private wireless network on the CBRS spectrum delivers several advantages, including ownership, management, and control over a cellular-based private network. Building owners and enterprises can now enjoy increased coverage, capacity, and security. The evolution of this private wireless network to support neutral host capabilities adds an extra layer of functionality, allowing connectivity to multiple carriers without the need for deploying costly and complex solutions like Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) platforms.

Integration of Private Wireless into the Carrier Network

Through the MOCN gateway, the private wireless network seamlessly integrates into the carrier network, bridging the gap between private and carrier networks. This integration translates to improved overall customer experiences for residents, workers, guests, and students within a building. The neutral host network ensures that users receive reliable connectivity without the need for additional, cumbersome infrastructure like cellular repeaters or DAS platforms.

Benefits of the Kajeet Smart Private 5G Neutral Host Solution

Improved In-Building Coverage

One of the primary challenges addressed by the Kajeet Smart Private 5G Neutral Host Solution is the common issue of poor in-building coverage. Whether in LEED-certified modern buildings or older structures with thick concrete walls impeding signal propagation, the Kajeet solution becomes a game changer. By bringing the private wireless network indoors, building owners and landlords can provide four or five-bar coverage throughout their properties.

Increased Speeds and Coverage

Building owners gain the ability to target specific areas with poor coverage using Kajeet microcells, providing a surgical solution to enhance connectivity where needed most. This not only results in increased speeds but also expanded coverage within the building. The Kajeet Smart Private 5G Neutral Host Solution empowers building owners to strategically deploy resources for optimal results, making for happy users wherever they are physically located within the network.

Support for Emergency Services

Beyond regular data and voice services, the Kajeet solution ensures the continued operability of traditional carrier E911 services. This is critical for emergency situations, providing a comprehensive mobile solution that aligns with the expectations of users in various scenarios. The platform's commitment to supporting emergency services contributes to its versatility and reliability.

Flexibility in Network Design

The Kajeet Smart Private 5G Neutral Host Solution offers organizations the flexibility to design a network that caters to their specific needs. Whether it's tailoring the network to the size of the building, adjusting coverage based on user density, or incorporating future expansions seamlessly, the solution provides a level of adaptability that traditional network setups struggle to match.

Multiple Carriers, One Neutral Host Network

Efficiency of Deploying One Network

Business man holding smart phone with media icons concept on backgroundThe efficiency of deploying a single network to support multiple carriers is a key advantage of the Kajeet Smart Private 5G Neutral Host solution. Traditionally, each carrier would require its own network, leading to increased complexity and costs. With the MOCN gateway interconnecting into multiple carriers, a single private wireless network -- the neutral host network -- becomes the backbone that supports the connectivity needs of various users by connecting through one portal to various carriers.

The MOCN gateway's role in interconnecting with multiple carriers adds a layer of flexibility and scalability to the solution. Instead of managing individual networks for each carrier, businesses can streamline their operations by relying on a unified network architecture. This interconnected approach simplifies the deployment and maintenance of the network, reducing the burden on businesses.

Neutral Host vs. Traditional Solutions: Cost and Complexity Reduction

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Deploying and managing large DAS solutions involves significant costs, complexities, and challenges. While DAS works well for outdoor venues, its limitations become apparent in smaller indoor spaces. The Kajeet Smart Private 5G Neutral Host Solution provides a more adaptable and efficient alternative, catering to the specific needs of indoor environments without the drawbacks associated with traditional DAS deployments.

WiFi as an Alternative

WiFi has been a commonly relied-upon alternative for supplementing cellular coverage. However, it falls short in providing the same level of capability that's inherent to neutral host networks. Unlike WiFi, the private wireless neutral host platform supports full mobility. As users move throughout a building, calls and data sessions remain uninterrupted, offering a robust and reliable solution for in-building coverage. This is unlike traditional WiFi networks, where those calls and data sessions are often dropped as users move around in the network space. This key distinction positions the neutral host platform as a superior choice for businesses seeking comprehensive connectivity solutions.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the transformative power of Neutral Host Networks, particularly those like the Kajeet Smart Private 5G Neutral Host Solution, cannot be overstated. Businesses and building owners stand to benefit significantly from the improved in-building coverage, increased speeds, and comprehensive support for emergency services. The efficiency of deploying one network for multiple carriers, coupled with the reduction in cost and complexity, positions neutral host networks as a cost-effective, reliable, and economical solution for both private and cellular networks.

As the demands for connectivity continue to rise, especially in the dynamic landscape of modern business, embracing neutral host networks becomes a strategic move. The Kajeet solution, with its innovative approach to combining private wireless and neutral host capabilities, stands out as a means of addressing the challenges of in-building connectivity. For businesses aiming to enhance user experiences, streamline operations, and stay ahead in the digital age, the era of neutral host networks represents a new frontier in connectivity solutions.

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