Factors for Success as an RPM Solution Provider

Stay ahead of the competition

There's still room for growth in the RPM and telehealth space -- but savvy solution providers know that it's still a competitive market. Here's how RPM and Telehealth providers can gain a competitive edge by taking into account these 5 vital factors.

Reliable and Secure Cellular Connectivity

With the increasing prevalence of cloud migration and hybrid work, the traditional network perimeter model has undergone significant changes and is no longer fully protected. This shift has resulted in the need for RPM and telehealth devices to trust the applications and devices of connected users, allowing unrestricted flow of application traffic. To address the reliability and security concerns of device connectivity, it is crucial to integrate embedded private connectivity solutions into RPM and telehealth devices, eliminating the reliance on patients' WiFi or internet connections. By doing so, the risks associated with device connectivity are minimized, ensuring reliable and secure communication.

The Right IoT and Data Management Platform

The proliferation of mismatched point solutions for threat detection and prevention can end up creating complexity rather than end-to-end awareness.  An IoT and data management platform that provides visibility and management capabilities – all under one user-friendly interface – is ideal.

Visibility Into Device Status

Healthcare providers often lack visibility into their devices or rely on the solution provider to provide such oversight. It is invaluable to onboard with an automated, easy-to-deploy solution for managing and protecting devices and the transfer of data.  This can either be managed by the providers’ IT or security personnel or can be outsourced to the solutions provider or outside partner.

Scalability and Sustainability

Solution providers need to ensure the solutions offered will meet their own technological and scalability needs into the future, as well as those of the healthcare providers. With finite staff resources, how do companies offering RPM and telehealth solutions have access to trained staff and address seasonal labor force demands? Procurement, cleansing, kitting and logistics require time and labor, sometimes only needed as demand surges arise. Being able to adapt to such changes and retain qualified staff can impact operations and the bottom line. 

Finding a partner that can fulfill those needs allows for solution providers to remain competitive and flexible, as well as being able to get to market sooner and scale quickly as the business grows. 

Monitoring Tools

In the healthcare provider setting, much time is spent responding to false negatives or doing manual legwork to prepare reports. Solution 
providers that can take on this type of work increase their value. In turn, solution providers can turn to easy-to-use monitoring platforms or 
contract a partner to manage such tasks.

Kajeet: Your RPM and Telehealth Connectivity Partner

Kajeet® is a leading managed IoT cellular connectivity provider that enables RPM and telehealth solution providers to better connect healthcare providers with patients.

Our multi-network approach allows solution providers to simplify their process, reduce costs, and share across data and devices. Our patented, award-winning data and IoT management platform, Sentinel®, provides real-time analytics and insights that lead to better decision-making.

Visit us to learn how Kajeet can help secure your connected devices with multi-network private cellular connectivity. When you’re ready for a demo, we make available an RPM developer kit that includes a SIM card, 90-day trial access to Sentinel, and consultation with our engineers and developers.

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