Multi-Carrier Connectivity for Public Safety Communications

Seeking Cellular Data and Coverage for Public Safety Solutions – Without the Complexity

For clients in the public safety realm – including police officers, firefighters, dispatchers, emergency responders, and utilities – effective communication is essential. Disasters, emergencies, and public safety crises occur, and when they do, additional coverage and data applications provide the connectivity and information necessary to perform duties.

This reality applies to LTE radio communications, which rely on cellular signal and data. If the data component is spotty, so too will be the communication efforts between emergency responders, frontline workers, and other individuals across varied locations.

This service, however, comes at a cost when purchasing directly from wireless carriers. Many public safety customers use a typical, unlimited carrier data plan, which may often cost upwards of $40-$50 per month per device. Likewise, most communication solutions require the client to manage multiple contracts from different providers, from the device supplier to the monthly data – which can quickly add unwanted complexity.

For IoT solution providers seeking to simplify and streamline this process for their busy customers, Kajeet is the right managed connectivity partner. Here, we learn how a public safety client found success through partnering with Kajeet for their radio solution offerings.

Kajeet Reliability and Multi-Carrier Support

Early in the onboarding process, the client found that the multi-carrier support and flexible pricing structure supported by Kajeet was different than what other providers offered. As an industry leader in managed IoT connectivity, Kajeet works with all major North American carriers – making it hassle-free for clients to use multiple carriers or switch to another whose coverage is better in their specific geographical area.

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When it came to pricing and ease of management, Kajeet’s transparent, up-front payment options combined with the ability to sell the device and service as a single, complete, easily comprehensible offering were attractive features.

The client signed on with Kajeet in late 2018, and six months later, the solution was fully launched.

Implementation and Results

Following a period of piloting the solution with key customers to gauge sentiment and obtain feedback on this new piece of the offering, the client soon rolled the Kajeet solution out to all customers – and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Simplified Purchasing

Customers in the public safety realm report that the ability to purchase data from one vendor saves them significant time, effort, and cost. Instead of negotiating multiple contracts – all with varied language and terms of service – they are able to incorporate data into one simple, straightforward program contract. With the added ability to pay one transparent fee up-front, as well as to effectively predict future costs through tracking data usage per device, Kajeet simplified the process – allowing these busy public safety professionals to focus on their important work.

With the added ability to pay one transparent fee up-front, as well as to effectively predict future costs through tracking data usage per device, Kajeet simplified the process.

Administrator Platform

Kajeet Sentinel® is the patented, cloud-based management platform that is built into all Kajeet solutions and enables administrators to easily monitor and manage data across their program.

For public safety professionals managing many communication devices at once, the ability to share data across all devices is a huge help in managing data expenditures. Should one device, for example, see low usage over a certain month, while another is spiking, the customers’ data pool is simply allocated to that area of need. As well, the flexibility to enable easy device activations – and even deactivations – is a valuable feature for many customers, such as those whose needs change seasonally.

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A Data-Driven Future

The future of the public safety industry will be increasingly data-driven, as first responders will be expected to communicate with heightened speed, precision, and unity. It is clear from the work of public safety professionals that the future of public safety connectivity promises advanced network reliability, coverage, and – ultimately – dependability in critical situations.

To learn more about how Kajeet managed IoT solutions can benefit your business or enterprise, reach out to a Kajeet Solutions Engineer or call 866.4Kajeet today.

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