Safeguarding Library & Patron Security and Privacy with Sentinel®

Security and privacy are two important pillars of internet access and technology. For libraries, these values have been long-standing cornerstones -- and at Kajeet, we are unwaveringly committed to the security of our library customers and their patrons. Our intentional approach to not collecting personally identifiable information within our systems ensures that privacy is preserved. We furthermore place a strong emphasis on security measures, safeguarding connectivity, and empowering libraries to protect their patrons.

Read on to learn more about how Kajeet and our Sentinel® platform work to safeguard libraries and their patrons.

Preserving Library Patron Privacy by Default

When libraries provide technology for patrons to check out, Kajeet intentionally avoids collecting information regarding the individuals who receive the devices. This deliberate approach ensures that the library remains the sole entity with records of which patron possesses which device and at what time. By refraining from gathering personally identifiable information, Kajeet upholds patron privacy, fostering an environment where individuals can confidently engage with technology without concerns of their personal information being compromised.

Kajeet's commitment to privacy extends beyond the intentional avoidance of personally identifiable information. We have established strict protocols and safeguards to protect patrons' data and to ensure their online interactions remain confidential. By employing robust encryption and advanced security measures, Kajeet creates a shield around the patrons' digital activities, safeguarding their privacy and protecting them from potential threats.

Robust Security Measures for Library Connected Devices

Kajeet implements comprehensive security measures to safeguard connectivity and protect patrons' online experiences. All connectivity from Kajeet connected devices is channeled through the Kajeet Sentinel platform. The Sentinel platform establishes a private connection from cellular networks to the platform using private IP addressing. This ensures that the connection remains hidden from the public internet. Prior to accessing the internet, the connection passes through rigorous filtering and firewall systems, ensuring that only legitimate and secure traffic is allowed to pass through. The same rigorous scrutiny applies to incoming traffic, providing a robust defense against potential threats.

But Sentinel's security protocols extend beyond the establishment of a private and secure connection. The Sentinel platform is equipped to detect traffic to known malware sites, enabling swift identification of any infected devices. In such instances, Kajeet promptly alerts the library, allowing them to take immediate action to protect the patron and block any harmful activities. The platform also identifies instances where patrons may be accessing phishing websites designed to steal personal information. By flagging these potential threats, Kajeet empowers libraries to intervene, safeguarding patrons from falling victim to malicious schemes.

Our commitment to security and privacy is a multi-faceted endeavor. In addition to proactive threat detection, we continuously update Sentinel to stay ahead of emerging security risks. By actively monitoring and addressing vulnerabilities, Kajeet ensures that libraries and their patrons remain protected in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Sentinel-Driven Insights and Analytics for Libraries

While Kajeet prioritizes patron privacy, we are committed to providing valuable insights to our library customers. Through the Sentinel platform, Kajeet is able to generate comprehensive reports, offering libraries valuable information regarding their program's success. These reports encompass data such as the amount of data usage, patterns of usage based on time of day or day of the week, device behavior, and carrier network performance. Moreover, Kajeet can provide high-level data on specific categories of use, catering to the unique needs of each library. For instance, in collaboration with a library and a human services department, Kajeet analyzed the traffic to job search sites as part of an incarcerated returning citizen program. This data assists libraries in understanding the efficacy of their programs and supports the fulfillment of government requirements tied to certain services and funding.

Sentinel's analytical capabilities empower libraries to make data-driven decisions, optimize their programs, and allocate resources effectively. The insights provided by Kajeet enable libraries to better understand the impact of their technology initiatives, identify usage trends, and evaluate the success of specific programs. Armed with this knowledge, libraries can adapt their offerings to better serve their communities, ensuring that technology resources are deployed in the most beneficial and impactful ways.


Kajeet's commitment to security and privacy aligns with the values upheld by libraries. By abstaining from collecting personally identifiable information, we preserve the privacy of patrons, allowing them to explore technology with peace of mind. The robust security measures within Sentinel, including private connections and stringent filtering, provide a protective shield around patrons' online experiences. Furthermore, our dedication to providing valuable insights and analytics empowers libraries to optimize their programs and make data-driven decisions while respecting patron privacy.

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