Healthcare: Success Strategies in Remote Patient Monitoring: Webinar


Streamed on September 16, 2021 at 2:00pm ET.

IoT technology is rapidly transforming the ways in which healthcare is delivered and experienced. Virtual care models including remote patient monitoring are an important part of innovative transformations occurring in the market. While it’s a simple concept – monitoring patients at all times and from any location using IoT technologies – the reality of implementing a safe, reliable, and effective RPM solution is not always so simple. At every step of the chain, technology must be effectively employed to enable a secure and seamless flow of data between patient and provider, and to realize desired outcomes from a more connected approach to care.

Join Frost & Sullivan and Kajeet as we explore the technological components that comprise a successful remote patient monitoring solution, including considerations like:

  • Providing device connectivity, reliability, and network coverage
  • Ensuring security and HIPAA compliance
  • Enabling operative reverse logistics and performing medical-grade sanitation
  • Learn insights and best practices for launching a successful RPM solution from industry leaders.


  • Daniel Ruppar, Consulting Director – Healthcare & Life Sciences, Frost & Sullivan
  • Dominic Marcellino, Director of Strategy, Kajeet
  • Liliane A. Offredo-Zreik, Co-Founder, Sano Health

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