Tech Wellness Guide for Educators

Because of the rapid shift to digital learning and 1:1 programs over the past two years within K-12 education, it is understandable that schools and districts have become overwhelmed with managing these technologies efficiently. Juggling ed tech vendors, contracts, warranties, funding sources, and device inventories are just a few of the items on the never-ending to-do list of technology departments. 

To help you keep your ed tech organized this year, we put together a Tech Wellness Guide Template [Download Excel Spreadsheet] [Download Google Doc].

Download the template to help you keep track of:  

  • Vendors 
  • Funding Sources 
  • Device Inventory  
  • Device Replacement  


K-12 technology departments have more vendors and contracts to manage than ever before. Using the Vendors tab in the Technology Wellness Guide Template, you can compile all your vendors, along with contract information and main point-of-contact. Whether you need to order more devices, extend your contract, or need to troubleshoot an issue, having this information easily accessible will help you throughout the school year.  

Tech Tip: At least once a year, ask your ed tech vendors for cost updates, upcoming promotions, referral opportunities, quantity discounts, and more. You can easily add a column to the Technology Wellness Guide Template so that you can keep track of ways for your district to save money on future contracts.  


Funding Sources 

It is easy to lose track of important dates associated with education funding – when to submit applications, reimbursement deadlines, and when technologies must be implemented. Use the Funding Sources tab in the Technology Wellness Guide Template to organize the local, state, and federal funding sources, along with grant opportunities, that your school or district is using for technology purchases.  

Tech Tip: Create a library of previously submitted applications, answers to common questions, and supporting documents. Having these resources in a central location will make it easier when reapplying for annual grants or pursuing new funding opportunities. 


Device Inventory  

With devices leaving the school building, device management has become more challenging than ever for K-12 schools and districts. While device management software can be a great ed tech tool to manage your 1:1 program, having a spreadsheet to track devices can be a viable alternative for smaller schools or districts, or as a back-up system for those using device management software. 

Tech Tip: You should always have easy access to the number of devices in your inventory and how many are being used. This information is crucial in the event of an audit or request by a funding source.  


Device Replacement 

Student devices are prone to daily wear and tear, along with the inevitable accidents – ‘my dog ate my Chromebook’ is unfortunately something tech teams have had to deal with over the past two years. Use the Device Replacement tab in the Technology Wellness Guide Template to easily manage device incident reports, warranty information, and replacement costs.  

Tech Tip: To reduce the amount of damage to school-issued devices, try sending out guides (such as the Chromebook Care Guide) and monthly reminders to students and families about proper device use both inside and outside the classroom. 


Get your copy of the Technology Wellness Guide Template [Download Excel Spreadsheet] [Download Google Doc] to help you stay organized all year.

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