Three Ways to Elevate the Experience for EV Charging Customers

If you're an EV charging station solution provider, congratulations; you're catching the leading edge of the massive EV charging wave. And no doubt you've focused your solutions on your tech and expanding your footprint across the U.S. Now that are established, it is time to start looking for ways to improve the end user charging experience for drivers. How are you planning to elevate your stations this year?

Providing end users a positive experience at your charging stations is a form of future-proofing. As more electric vehicles hit the road, it is more important than ever to find ways to stand out from the competition and improve overall confidence among EV owners. And with most drivers spending at least 20 minutes waiting at a station, it is crucial to provide a positive experience before, during, and after charging.  

Here are three important ways you can elevate the EV charging experience for your end users.

Ensure Safety & Security 

EV charging stations demand proper safety and security measures in place for drivers to feel comfortable while charging their vehicles. Potential risks and hazards include extreme weather conditions, electrical fires, unlit areas after dark, faulty equipment, improper installation, and more. 

In addition to the potential risks and hazards mentioned above, it is crucial for EV charging stations to implement robust safety and security measures to ensure a seamless and worry-free experience for drivers. Factors such as vandalism, theft, and unauthorized access should also be taken into consideration when evaluating the overall safety of the charging locations.

Location should always be considered when evaluating how to improve driver safety. In remote areas, reliable cellular coverage or providing free WiFi is crucial to ensure drivers can make and receive calls and texts in the event of an emergency. In areas with high crime rates, a security guard or emergency call box may be needed to put drivers at ease while charging. 

Moreover, the design and layout of the charging stations play a significant role in enhancing driver safety. Well-lit areas, clear signage, and easily accessible emergency buttons can go a long way in creating a secure environment for drivers, especially during nighttime charging sessions. Implementing regular maintenance checks and inspections of the equipment can help prevent any potential malfunctions or accidents, further ensuring the safety of both the drivers and the vehicles.

Likewise, cybersecurity should not be overlooked when it comes to ensuring the safety of your patrons. Credit card information is obviously highly valuable, and should be protected at all times -- but features like next-gen firewalls with intrusion detection, non-addressable IP addresses, and two-way secure communication through private IP address space will go a long way towards ensuring all consumer data is protected.

Ultimately, by prioritizing the implementation of comprehensive safety and security measures at EV charging locations, providers can not only enhance the overall charging experience for drivers but also build trust and loyalty among the growing community of electric vehicle owners.

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Charger Uptime 

By prioritizing charger uptime, EV charging station solution providers create a positive and sustainable ecosystem that caters to the needs of electric vehicle owners. This reliability not only benefits drivers by minimizing wait times and disruptions during charging sessions but also plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of business activities. With consistent uptime of chargers, providers can ensure increased revenue streams and a higher return on investment, ultimately contributing to the long-term success and growth of their EV charging solutions. This kind of seamless operation not only builds trust and dependability among your users, but also sets the foundation for a thriving and efficient charging network that meets the demands of the expanding electric vehicle market.

As more electric vehicles hit the roads, the need for reliable and accessible charging stations continues to grow. The U.S Federal Highway Administration has determined that charging ports must have an average annual uptime of at least 97%. This means that improving uptime it is not only a good idea from a business-sense, but also being required under new federal standards.  By ensuring that chargers are consistently operational and available, providers can meet the needs of a larger customer base, contributing to the overall sustainability and success of their EV charging solutions. Ultimately, prioritizing charger uptime is not just about enhancing the user experience but also about future-proofing and positioning yourself for long-term growth and profitability in the electric vehicle market.

Providers can establish themselves as industry leaders in the rapidly growing EV market by ensuring their software, hardware, and wireless connectivity components are best in class. When chargers go down, it not only makes it harder on drivers looking for an open charger, it make maintenance nearly impossible to coordinate and execute. Having a positive reputation for consistent charger uptime will boost the credibility and trustworthiness of providers in the eyes of current customers, potential customers, and other EV technology providers.

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Comfort & Convenience 

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, the importance of providing a comfortable and convenient charging experience for drivers cannot be overstated. The emergence of indoor charging stations and advanced charging centers signals a shift towards enhancing the overall satisfaction of EV drivers. Read up on Rove’s 40-Station Charging Center and Electrify America’s Indoor Station.

Incorporating amenities such as cozy seating arrangements, well-maintained restrooms, and adequate sun and rain cover not only adds to the convenience, but also elevates the charging experience for drivers. These thoughtful additions make the waiting time during charging more pleasant and accommodating, ensuring that drivers feel at ease and relaxed throughout their visit.

Even for EV charging sites located within store parking lots or near shopping centers, it is essential to consider the amenities required when these businesses are closed. By anticipating the needs of drivers and providing a range of conveniences, such as access to refreshments or partnerships with nearby businesses for additional services, EV charging station solution providers can create a truly exceptional and memorable charging experience for their users. This focus on comfort and convenience not only sets these providers apart from the competition but also fosters a sense of loyalty and satisfaction among EV owners, ultimately contributing to the success and growth of EV charging station operators who keep their customers top of mind.

Thus, if you're a savvy EV charging station operator, it behooves you to think about partnerships you can develop that would be mutually beneficial, while at the same time providing an enhanced experience for EV drivers waiting on their car to finish charging.

Final Thoughts on Elevating the EV Charging Experience

EV charging stations obviously exist to, what else, but charge EVs. But the other elements of the EV charging experience we discussed are key to the success of the EV ecosystem as a whole. And by implementing comprehensive safety measures, ensuring consistent charger uptime, and providing a comfortable and convenient environment, EV charging station solution providers can stand out from the competition, build trust among users, and position themselves for long-term success in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.

As an EV charging station operator, consider the importance of these factors in providing a positive end user experience and look for opportunities to further enhance the charging experience through partnerships and innovative solutions. Stay tuned for more insights and tips on how to elevate the EV charging experience for drivers on our blog.