National Title I Conference:  Engage & Grow


During the 2014-2015 school year, approximately $14.4 billion was appropriated for Title I funds throughout the country. The National Title I Association hosts an annual conference to provide a forum for educators to share ideas, identify problems and solutions, and implement the Title I program for maximum academic success.

Over 3,000 Title I practitioners will head to Long Beach, CA, from February 22-25 to attend the only conference focused entirely on national Title I issues.

Key Reasons to Attend

Are you a Title I practitioner? Or looking to learn more about Title I? The conference says the best reason to attend is to ENGAGE.

  • Engage:  Interact with educators to learn what approaches have been successful in Title I schools.
  • Network:  Build relationships with your colleagues from across the nation.
  • Gather:  Listen to new perspectives and uncover fresh ideas to bring back to your district.
  • Advance:  Discover the latest topics and best practices in Title I programs.
  • Grow:  Develop as an educator as you learn from over 100 presenters.
  • Educate:  Bring this newfound knowledge home and share with your colleagues.
Instruction, Leadership, Policy

These are the three overarching themes of this year’s conference. With over 100 presenters, it can be daunting to plan your schedule.

You won’t want to miss Thursday’s keynote from Pedro Noguera (@PedroANoguera) as he presents on “Excellence through Equity.” Learn about proven strategies that support and cultivate effective teaching in schools, driving conditions which will make student achievement more likely. Discover how to develop effective partnerships with parents and the community as another way to increase success.

The “Technology + Innovation = Technovating in Schools” session will discuss how districts often use Title I funds for technology, but it’s important to train teachers on effectively implementing digital practices into their everyday curriculum. Teachers “technovate” when they integrate their lessons with technology, helping students learn through engagement and digital tools.

Continuing the tech topics is the “Digital Tools Can Transform Teaching and Learning” session. Hear from a district that has successfully undergone a digital transition, from the implementation plan with infrastructure support and purchasing devices, to professional development. As districts continue moving toward 1:1 programs, it’s important to have a strong plan in place.


Fund Broadband at Home

As districts increase their use of technology in the classroom, there needs to be a solution for students outside of the classroom. Part of Title I funds allow schools to purchase devices (tablets, laptops, etc.), which means more technology for students. However, students need connectivity at home in order for these devices to be helpful outside of school.

The Kajeet solution fits the funding requirements, and provides the tools necessary to govern the use of the technology and bandwidth use. See how Title I funds are helping at-risk students in Fayette County, Georgia, succeed.

Stop by booth #323 at the National Title I Conference to learn more about Kajeet Education Broadband™, and how we’re helping close the Homework Gap across the nation.

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