New GPS Feature: Locate Your Kajeet SmartBus


Kajeet is proud to announce the newest feature to our SmartBus™ solution, Global Positioning System, or GPS for short.

Transportation directors and their teams now have the capability to locate their school buses anytime in addition to current Kajeet SmartBus features. The SmartBus provides filtered WiFi for students, turning travel time into learning time. Check out this blog to find out more about how school bus WiFi works.

Why Should I have GPS on my School Bus?

It’s important to know where your school buses are, especially if you have a large fleet. Instead of having to manually see where the buses should be based on their planned routes, you can see that by simply logging into the Kajeet dashboard.

The map provides an easy-to-digest visual to show you where all the school buses are, even as they travel across the district and beyond.

GPS also plays a large factor in safety for students. The reported speed in Sentinel provides information to administrators to ensure drivers are travelling at a safe speed. And the location report ensures the school bus is where it is supposed to be. 

The best part about equipping your school buses with Kajeet GPS? Your students also benefit with filtered, educational WiFi to work on homework and online school assignments.

Kajeet SmartBus GPS

Here’s how it works.

  1. Equip your school buses with the Kajeet SmartBus router, which connects to Kajeet Sentinel®, the innovative cloud dashboard. This dashboard is where you will see how wireless data is being used on the bus.
  2. Start the bus and have the bus driver take their usual routes.
  3. Login to Sentinel to see the exact location of the school bus, along with the date and time of the last reported location, specific location coordinates, and the latest speed recorded.
  4. Relax now that you know where your school bus is!

Let’s break those details down even more.

Satellite-based GPS provides Kajeet Sentinel users the location coordinates of each bus that is connected through Kajeet. The GPS location and distance travelled provides Sentinel users a snapshot of the speed of a particular bus. The GPS and speed calculations are captured on the school bus router, and then reported to the Sentinel platform every 30 seconds.

Everything for Kajeet SmartBus GPS is reported to our cloud platform, Sentinel. The SmartBus tab shows administrators a detailed map of all buses connected with Kajeet, along with the last time each bus reported to Sentinel.

When the school bus is on, Sentinel receives an update every 30 seconds, providing near real-time information for transportation directors.

Kajeet Education Broadband™ is available on the four major U.S. wireless networks. You can also connect to two networks to provide expanded network coverage through the SmartBus with Dual Connect™ option.

Do you know where your school buses are? Contact us today to connect your buses.

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