Smartphones for Smart Kids

With most kids back to school already this month, we’re certainly enjoying all the news about technology in the classroom. This particular Wall Street Journal article caught our eye since it discussed students, smartphones and keeping everyone safely connected to improve learning.

Just a few interesting stats from the article.

  • This year more than 750 million educational apps for mobile devices will be installed world-wide.
  • 70% of teenagers age 13-17 have smartphones
  • The average teenager sends 60 text messages a day with many sending more than 100 a day.
  • Teacher-family communication made it 40% more likely that students would complete their homework.

As adults, we are continally turning to our smartphones during the day to look up a word, find out the weather or check the news. The role that smartphones play in the classroom changes year to year. One year they may be banned from school or required to remain face down the next a teacher may embrace the phone as a learning tool for students. 

Kajeet wants kids to use their smartphones for good. Our parental controls are a great option to keep digital distractions to a minimum, but utlimately it's about kids learning to be responsible digital citizens. 

Have you checked out Kajeet's affordable phone plans and parental controls? How are your kids using their phones for good? 

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