Use Title I Funds for Internet at Home


As more schools implement digital and web-based learning and assessment programs, requiring students to work on assignments outside of the classroom, the poorest students are struggling to keep up with their connected peers. Every time a teacher asks a child to go online at home, she or he is actively, if inadvertently, disadvantaging those who can’t go to websites at night.

School districts can use their designated Title I Funds to purchase the Kajeet SmartSpot solution. This means that students can now have filtered broadband at home to complete homework assignments. 

For decades, Title I has been leading the way to fund technology into the poorest schools in the country to help close the achievement gap between high and low-performing students. In 2014, more than $14 billion is designated to high-poverty schools through Title I funds. Districts are continually in pursuit of funds to help improve student achievement. We have designed a product to improve student success and prepare them for a better future, as well as encourage parent engagement in what students are working on in the classroom. 

Title I is a funding resource provided to various states by the Federal government; states send those funds to local districts for allocation to schools with high poverty rates in order to improve students’ achievement and close achievement gaps.

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