EV: 4 Steps to Future-Proof Your EV Charging Operations

As your EV operation grows, you’ll need to serve more customers and maximize the profitability of your operations. Here's how to go about it properly.

Building & Scaling an EV Charging Business 

It has never been more business-savvy to build an electric vehicle (EV) charging operation. EV sales are projected to reach nearly 30% of all new vehicle sales in the U.S. by 2030, and EV ownership is skyrocketing – with California, Florida, and Texas leading the way.  

Additionally, there are numerous rebates, incentives, and tax credits available to both businesses and individuals who move to EV charging – making it all the more attractive to build an EV charging business. 


Future-Proofing Your EV Charging Operation 

‘Future-proofing’ a solution means anticipating future growth and developments and keeping those parameters and implications in mind as you build your solution today. It is the best way to ensure your business can remain profitable as the market continues to evolve. 

As your EV operation grows, you’ll reach milestones that necessitate scaling your business – so that you can serve more customers and maximize the profitability of your operations.  

Here are 4 key ways to future-proof your EV charging business. 

  1. Onboard with Multi-Carrier Connectivity
    There is no one wireless carrier that will ‘check the box’ for all charging solutions across the globe. Differing hardware and use case combinations (such as standard LTE and 5G deployments versus low-power deployments) contribute to a wide range of coverage needs.  

    A multi-carrier approach, especially one that can be managed under one bill, allows you to simplify your options while benefiting from the best network coverage available.

  2. Streamline Your Supply Services
    The procurement process, including sourcing EV chargers, the software, portal, and how those communicate, is not where most organizations offering EV charging stations hope to be spending a great deal of their time. 

    The ability to outsource this side of the business with a packaged and trusted solution, even including storage and forward and reverse logistics, can free business owners up to focus on more revenue-driving sides of their operation.

  3. Ensure Deployment is Done Correctly
    You’ll want to ensure your solution is deployed correctly – the first time. Assessing your space through an RF design can help make sure technical requirements are met, and that SIMs and routers are installed correctly for the decades to come.

  4. Outsource Your Support Services
    As you scale, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the management and monitoring duties involved with your EV charging solution. Make sure you receive the data you need – whether that’s charging station status reports, battery backup deployments, or downtime notifications – and that action can be taken to address the issue.  Offloading these responsibilities through an around-the-clock technical support team can help ease this load. 

Onboard with a Connectivity Partner with EV Experience

These strategies may seem daunting when listed all together, but the good news is that there are partners ready and able to support you as you look to future-proof your EV charging business. 

At Kajeet, we deliver managed IoT connectivity solutions for EV charging providers and manufacturers. Our end-to-end offerings are customizable to your specific use cases, needs, and the current stage of your EV charging business. We are the only managed IoT connectivity provider who works with all major U.S. wireless carriers, so you get the best network coverage available regardless of where your chargers will be installed. And, our concierge-level support offers you 24/7/365 technical support and peace of mind.  

Let us help you improve your operational capabilities, reduce costs, strengthen your security, and get to market sooner. 

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