Kajeet's Top 3 K-12 Blog Posts for 2023

Greetings, educators and tech enthusiasts! You've made it to the holidays -- and amidst taking time to celebrate yourself and your families, it's also time to celebrate the Kajeet content that resonated most with our K-12 community. Of course, we've been publishing content with valuable insights and practical solutions all year long -- but some content has stood out from the rest, sparking conversations, fueling innovation, and guiding schools and students towards a brighter and more connected future. And so, we proudly unveil our top 3 K-12 blog posts of 2023 -- so prepare to be inspired, informed, and empowered!

1. 5 Reasons Why Chromebooks in the Classroom Benefits Students

Teacher in classroomChromebooks are transforming classrooms into more equitable, collaborative, and tech-savvy environments. Their affordability makes education accessible for all, while their seamless sharing and collaboration features nurture teamwork and communication skills. Whether it's bridging the economic gap, encouraging teamwork, or opening doors to the tech world, Chromebooks are proving to be a game-changer in the way we educate our young minds.

Learn more in the complete 5 Reasons Why Chromebooks in the Classroom Benefits Students post!

2. Content Filtering: A Critical Component of School Bus WiFi and SmartBus™

Student in front of school bus School bus Wi-Fi offers educational benefits and student connectivity, but also raises some potential concerns -- and if you've been following the school bus WiFi saga in the news, you'll know that there's been a huge amount of public discussion centered around school bus WiFi content filtering. Indeed, content filtering is crucial to protect students from inappropriate online content and ensure compliance with CIPA regulations for schools receiving E-Rate funding, and it also helps to keep student bus riders on task with homework, research, and other functionality that extends the classroom. As the U.S.'s leading provider of school bus Wi-Fi solutions, our included robust CIPA-compliant content filtering tools address these concerns and create a safe and productive learning environment on wheels.

Learn more in the complete Content Filtering: A Critical Component of School Bus WiFi and SmartBus™ post!

Tech Wellness Guide for Educators

Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 11.20.50 AMOur staff here at Kajeet includes many former K-12 educators... so we know firsthand the challenges that K-12 schools face in managing their growing ed tech, with juggling vendors, funding, devices, and replacements often becoming seemingly overwhelming. To help out our fellow educators, this post offers a variety of free downloadable Tech Wellness Guide Templates to track vendors, funding sources, device inventory, and device replacements -- all of which should help you with streamlining tasks like contracts, warranties, and grant deadlines. This can save time and money, making technology management more efficient for you, your schools, and your districts.

Visit the complete Tech Wellness Guide for Educators post and download your free templates now!

Bonus Time: Honorable Mentions in K-12 Posts

With the FCC voting in October to make school bus WiFi eligible for E-Rate funding, we had a few other posts that were extremely popular -- but due to how late in the calendar year they were published, they just didn't have enough time to rack up the number of views that the above posts received. But since they're timely and relevant, and definitely popular, be sure and scroll down to the bottom of the page and check those out, too!

And finally, a gift for those thinking about implementing school bus WiFi in their districts, particularly in light of its E-Rate eligibility -- our free guide, which you can grab right here:



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