Bridging the Digital Divide

Student Access: Connected Devices Built for Education

As online educational content and paradigms continue to grow, ensuring all students have access to necessary resources both on and off campus becomes increasingly important. Our LTE-embedded Chromebooks and tablets, as well as our SmartSpot™ hotspots, are designed to safely and efficiently meet the need of connecting students wherever they learn.

Pandemic-Era Funding Ends in 2024

Despite the progress made during the pandemic to close the digital divide with ECF and ESSER, a gap still exists for many students who don’t have reliable high-speed internet outside of the classroom. Only 44 percent of public schools in the U.S. provide a source of reliable internet connectivity to students who need it -- which creates a disconnect for students who don't have access to needed resources outside of the classroom.

Do your students have the connectivity they need? Or are they stranded at the digital divide, unable to fully access or utilize the resources they need for their education? 

Read on to learn more about our Student Access solutions for education, including hotpsots and Chromebooks and tablets with embeddedd LTE connectivity.

Managed Connectivity Solutions for Student Access

WiFi hotspots for students
Kajeet SmartSpot Devices
WiFi hotspots that can be used on-campus or signed out to students. SmartSpots have multi-carrier connectivity, are fully filterable to block selected websites, and ship ready-to-use.
Manage Student Connectivity
Kajeet Sentinel®
Create and manage a secure online environment for all your devices with device management, web filtering, firewalls, advanced malware detection, and filterable per-account and per-user usage reports.
Built-in WiFi
Chomebooks with LTE Connectivity

With one portable device, tech teams can ensure students have access to the tools they need to engage with a digital curriculum outside the classroom.

Sentinel: Making Life Easy for K-12 Tech Teams

Sentinel Admin User-tall-crop-600w

The importance of proper Student Access device management can't be overstated, not only in terms of student safety and security but also in ease of use for school IT departments. 

Sentinel provides all of these features and benefits:

Device and Data Management

  • Next-gen firewall provides cybersecurity
  • Easily implement CIPA-compliant filtering
  • Remotely activate & deactivate individual or pre-set groups of devices
  • Set time of day controls and data usage limits

Reporting and Analytics

  • Generate real-time device tracking and data usage reports
  • Monitor and adjust white and blacklisted sites
  • Identify usage patterns to compare to program goals
  • Produce E-Rate audit reporting as needed

No Single Network Covers All

Since no single cellular network can cover every student in every location, choosing a connectivity provider that locks you into one network means you're probably locking some students out of the access they need to educational resources. 

Having your choice of networks guarantees that every student is always connected.

Benefits of Choosing Kajeet over a single-network provider:

  • Choice of network for optimal connectivity​
  • A comprehensive, bundled solution from one company, all on one bill ​
  • Easy, self-administration of devices and data allocation with Kajeet Sentinel​
  • On-demand reporting for program measurement and compliance​
  • Equipment arrives fully kitted, provisioned and activated reducing reliance on IT Department​
  • End-user technical support for both administrators and students

Kajeet is the only student access provider that connects to ALL of the major networks, allowing you to choose the best network down to the individual device level. Do some of your students need T-Mobile, and others AT&T or Verizon? Kajeet has you covered.

Get Your Students Connected

Elements of a Successful Student Access Program

At Kajeet, we’ve partnered with hundreds of K-12 school districts to deploy customized Student Access solutions, and we understand it’s vital that the program reduce the burden on the EdTech staff as much as possible.

Make sure any Student Access solution you're investigating includes the following elements:

  • Guaranteed connectivity of devices regardless of where they are used in the school district
  • Protecting students from harmful content using CIPA-compliant filters
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use device management platform that school administrators can use to remotely track and manage devices, generate reports about individual usage in real-time, as well comply with E-Rate audit requirements
  • Pre-provisioned and kitted packages that are ready to deploy to each individual student
  • Technical support for EdTech staff as well as students

Want a guide to best practices for implementing Student Access in your school or district? Download it right here.

Our Best Practices Guide to Education Broadband has you covered. From planning to implementation to ongoing management, this guide has it all.

Here's a peak at what's inside:

Education broadband guide CTA

Download our Best Practices Guide to Education Broadband >


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Making EdTech Easy

How our Student Access solutions work for you

Kajeet Student Access solutions make life easy for students and IT staff alike.

It starts by provisioning, kitting and shipping equipment that can easily be deployed to each student. We then train administrators on how to use the intuitive Sentinel platform so they can easily manage device usage and inventory, as well as generate real-time analytics, reporting, and even CIPA audit reporting as needed.

And our commitment to your program doesn't end after the purchase. Our post-sale support includes access to technical assistance for students and staff, along with the assignment of a dedicated account manager to promptly address any account-related inquiries you may have.

Get Your Students Connected

Signs It's Time to Refresh Your Chromebooks


Tech changes rapidly, with constant increases in computing power, storage, speed, and more. 

And not only do newer machines have more capability, older machines can get bogged down over time and face isues like decreased battery life, insufficient hard drive space, and slower performance. 

If you're hearing similar complaints from your students with older Chromebooks, it may be time to update their hardware so they can better take advantage of their online educational resources. 

Download this free PDF guide to help you determine whether it's time to give your students the Chromebook updates they need.

Student Access Case Studies

At Kajeet we've partnered with hundreds of school districts around the country to deploy Student Access solutions. Read some of our case studies below to see how we help to bridge the digital divide for students.

Managed Connectivity Solutions for K12
Learn how Cañon City schools used SmartBus WiFi-enabled school buses and SmartSpot WiFi hotspots to guarantee internet access for the 20% of its students who didn't have connectivity at home.
Read this Customer Success Story
Managed Connectivity Solutions for Higher Ed
Learn how Ivy Tech Community College, with 19 Indiana campuses, used 400 SmartSpot WiFi hotspots and the Kajeet Sentinel platform to provide students in need with internet connectivity.
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Higher Education

Student Access for Higher Education

Just as in K-12 schools, college students who don’t have reliable internet access can quickly fall behind on school work. College and university students often have additional concerns – including costs of living, childcare, and additional responsibilities that K-12 students might not, making it even more challenging to afford reliable Internet. And disparities at the college or university level don’t just affect students while they are pursuing their education –future career prospects for those students can suffer as well.

Kajeet Student Access solutions for higher education – SmartSpot hotspots, and connected devices like laptops and tablets – provide the consistent internet access needed to attend classes and complete assignments, ensuring that all students succeed academically as well as in the future.

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